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  1. Dayvo

    Front Door Alignment........

    These hinges are a pain to adjust. In production the rear doors are fitted first then the front then the guards. The hinges are adjustable back and forth using a u shaped tool that fits under the hinge attached to a metre long extension to bend the hinge. The front guards have shims between...
  2. Dayvo

    VX 2000 - help needed

    Hey mate, not having a go at you but in the start of the post you say you absolutely dumb then you say you want to replace pads and rotor. Maybe you should leave brakes to the experts till you gain some more experience. Again not having a go at you just better to be safe than sorry when it...
  3. Dayvo

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Hate when a simple job turns out to be a 4 hour slog. Started with the wifes windscreen washers on her Hyundai not working ,so after the usual piece of wire down the jets and blowing out the hoses i decided to take the washer bottle out and look at the motor. Of course not a straight forward...
  4. Dayvo

    A/C not blowing as hard under acceleration

    Yes thats right, but it does give the sensation like the aircon doesnt blow as hard when the flap opens when you accelerate.
  5. Dayvo

    A/C not blowing as hard under acceleration

    Do you have it set to "pollution mode "?https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/holden/ve-commodore/enabling-pollution-mode/
  6. Dayvo

    Anyone know any good wreckers in Melb?

    Jolly rogers on Greens rd Dandy south
  7. Dayvo

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Hate when you go Bunnings and some clown in a 4wd opens his door and does this .
  8. Dayvo

    Anyone know about chest pain?

    Just a bit of information about the government "poo" test . Some years back my doc said that your at the age where you should get a colonoscopy, told him that i get the government one sent out . He said they are not 100% and i dhould have a colonoscopy to be on the safe side. He booked me in...
  9. Dayvo

    Anyone know about chest pain?

    Is it the one that the government send out to the over 50s ?
  10. Dayvo

    Anyone know about chest pain?

    Just looking through some old posts and read this . I bet in your wildest dreams you couldn't have envisaged what we have just been through with covid.:eek:
  11. Dayvo

    Dash/speedo and battery problems

    When the battery gets old and low on charge it can cause all sorts of problems
  12. Dayvo

    LXCHEV's Torana

    Love it more
  13. Dayvo

    NBN Scam

    I didn't really notice it to tell.the truth, i dont play online games or download movies etc
  14. Dayvo

    NBN Scam

    I have had a few call too. One was to tell me that they have been monitoring my NBN speed and they noticed it was slower than it should be. They wanted to know what my download speed was . When i said that if you are monitoring it you should know what it is they hung up. About an hour later...
  15. Dayvo

    That New Car Smell

    Easy, it smells 40% older. :)
  16. Dayvo

    [VIC] Sub and amp

    Sub and amp LOCATION: Dandenong Victoria CONDITION Used PRICE: $50 for both DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone 0438344332 OTHER INFO: Pioneer sub, TS-WX303 MAX WATTS 1200 . Plus Audioline amp
  17. Dayvo


    Here is my ugly mug celebrating my 64 th birthday on Saturday with my mate Henley , a 9 month old papillon.
  18. Dayvo

    VE Commodore 2011 SS Sportswagon Stereo Speaker Problem

    Set the fader to the front for the 2 door and 2 dash speakers ,fader to the rear for only rear door speakers. Have a look at this thread :) https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/upgrading-ve-stock-speakers-how-to.159709/
  19. Dayvo

    what did you do to your car today?

    Don't be sad , the whole bar needs to be repainted due to a crappy previous job.
  20. Dayvo

    what did you do to your car today?

    Pulled off the sports armour and half the paint from the front bar .
  21. Dayvo

    Ryco Catch Can - RCC350K

    I just empty mine when i do an oil change.
  22. Dayvo

    Loosing water but no obvious leaks

    Check the inlet manifold bolts , they have a habit of coming undone.
  23. Dayvo

    Dent Removal Kits

    2cent = 20mm socket 1 cent = 17mm socket