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  1. vr304

    Clutch issues

    Had the clutch in my old vx ss die in pretty much the exact same way yours did mate unfortunately your up for a new clutch kit I’d get a heavy duty with single mass flywheel if I were you
  2. vr304

    VX Series 2 SS - potential project

    Could go the route of a 383 stroker LS1 mate, never actually tried one myself but would imagine it would be a lot more torque than a stock LS1 as long as you dont go too overboard with your cam specs
  3. vr304


    Won’t hurt to try it mate although if your lifters are gone the only real fix is replacing them, nulon lifter free is the additive you wanna use also have you cleaned the afm lifter screen thing under the oil pressure sensor?
  4. vr304

    Vy ss running rough

    I’m thinking it sounds like the crank angle sensor going out intermittently but that’s just a guess, could try replacement and see what happen?
  5. vr304

    Vy ss running rough

    Dfi module is on the v6, the LS1 doesn’t have one
  6. vr304

    Manuel transmission in VE V6 Calais V

    You do realise theres a heck of a lot more to it then simply dropping in a manual transmission don’t you? There’s a lot of things that have to be changed to make it all work seriously you’d be better off selling yours and buying a manual car
  7. vr304

    LS1 swap, power to accessories, but no start at all

    Has the ecu and the bcm been electronically linked?
  8. vr304

    New VF commodore

    I’m no tuning expert but 102 octane in an sv6? What a waste of race fuel and I bet you couldn’t physically feel any difference when actually driving the thing
  9. vr304

    Car keys

    Yes agree that does sound a bit strange having to have 2 keys, the Holden stealership will rip you off and as above you can definitely get a new key for less than $600
  10. vr304

    210,000km Service VY Commodore V6

    I’d add fuel filter to that list
  11. vr304

    PCE Chevy LS3 1.7 Ratio Aluminum Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arm Set Black

    does it make the engine rev a bit more freely also? Probably not worth it just for 10hp odd
  12. vr304

    PCE Chevy LS3 1.7 Ratio Aluminum Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arm Set Black

    I wonder what sort of difference the higher ratio ones would make with the stock camshaft?
  13. vr304

    L67 auto to manual conversion

    No L67 cars came factory with a manual option
  14. vr304

    Engine oil for VY v6

    The hpr10 is perfectly fine for your engine mate
  15. vr304

    VY no traction

    probably poor quality or worn tyres or even a combination of the 2
  16. vr304

    Engine oil for VY v6

    If it were mine I’d use penrite hpr10, do a search of this site and you’ll find countless threads on what oil people run in their cars
  17. vr304

    Brake pad dust

    Wheel muck is an awesome cleaner with a pressure washer
  18. vr304

    Tailshaft question: Converting Auto to Manual

    Can’t help with the tail shaft question but the std manual diff ratio is 3.45 I’d think your auto diff will be 2.92 and you could go to something like a 3.9 if you want more response also I’d think you would need the manual ecu for your conversion? Could be wrong on that and you’ll probably need...
  19. vr304

    Statesman weekend cruiser project

    Nice mate always wanted to do that with my old 5 litre (vr clubsport) when I had it, any plans to add a cold air tray or something like that?
  20. vr304

    PCE Chevy LS3 1.7 Ratio Aluminum Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arm Set Black

    Yea they changed their name after all the bad rap they got with pro comp but still the same company
  21. vr304

    PCE Chevy LS3 1.7 Ratio Aluminum Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arm Set Black

    Speedmaster aka pro comp, do a google search of that brand mate there’s a reason they are cheap
  22. vr304

    interior trim

    In my case it had only come away at the back a little bit so I just used some spray adhesive that I already had to glue it back up and seems to be holding well so no need to get it done just yet but will one day
  23. vr304

    interior trim

    I think he means redo the glue every 12 months as it’s a bandaid fix not a proper repair, I did this with my ve and seems to be holding up well
  24. vr304

    VX 2000 - help needed

    No need to go crazy with it mate, that’s the recommended torque for them
  25. vr304

    Ss interior

    Should have the ss written on the seats, the options were between cloth and leather
  26. vr304

    VE Values

    There will be more owners that will want to hold on to there v8 commodores now there isn’t any new replacements being made in my opinion, I wanna keep my ve ss and maybe one day sell and buy a vf2
  27. vr304

    Knock sensor

    As in its cranking over but not starting?
  28. vr304


    If all you want is a bit more sound then a decent cat back exhaust would be the way to go, even better again a full system with extractors as well
  29. vr304

    Ve ss 2009

    As far as I know yes
  30. vr304

    Ve ss 2009

    Unless you can isolate which is the buggered one may just be a good idea to replace both
  31. vr304

    Ve ss 2009

    They have 2 knock sensors mate do you know which one you need to replace?
  32. vr304

    Changing diff in vz ss

    Most definitely can put a 3.46 diff in your ss mate and yes it will be an lsd just not a v6 one tho it won’t fit
  33. vr304

    Thatotherguy's 95 VS Acclaim

    What cam ya gonna for?
  34. vr304

    Thatotherguy's 95 VS Acclaim

    U gonna give the motor a freshen up mate?
  35. vr304

    Battery charging

    I leave mine connected in the car with the charger on it (ve ss) and no issues with it
  36. vr304

    Vx Berlina s2

    Kyb excel g’s are a decent shock without spending shitloads
  37. vr304

    Losh's VR Ute build thread

    Yea true the electrics in vr/vs models isn’t great anyhow
  38. vr304

    Losh's VR Ute build thread

    Seems a bit strange your having these issues after you had your new heads fitted? You sure the guy that fitted them hasn’t damaged something (electrical) in the process?
  39. vr304

    2006 VE SS Low Oil Pressure

    Apparently it’s reasonably common, almost a good enough excuse to cam it up while your in there checking it
  40. vr304

    2006 VE SS Low Oil Pressure

    There is instances in these engines where part of the plastic timing chain tensioner breaks off and ends up down in the sump partially blocking the pickup