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  1. PaRaDoX

    Good Freight Companies

    These guys have been really good for me in the past in sending car parts, piping, exhausts etc. https://www.e-go.com.au/home.do;jsessionid=3B54604CD7BF004053E345586E006C61
  2. PaRaDoX

    nathans VY Calais - 'Calais 2.0'

    Wheres the rest of the twin plate? ;) hrmmmmm you went with the cushioned button i see? i had a few issues with the CB's holding under full load/power, whats the clamp load on the pressure plate?
  3. PaRaDoX

    Engine belt squeal on WOT gear change - LS1

    Figured i better update this rather than leave it a mystery. I finally got sick of this issue and decided to fix it, the tensioner was at perfect tension as it was less than a year old and the belt was new, i removed the a/c belt and the noise still happened so it had to be the main belt. most...
  4. PaRaDoX

    Looking to buy a VZ

    Sounds like you have a Lemon VZ and I say 'sounds like' because that dribble you've written is barely English. I can't comment on the V6 but fundamentally the car is very similar to the previous 3 models, there are no real deal breakers here only general serviceable items. 12-14L/100km in the...
  5. PaRaDoX

    Battlefield 4

    nothing beats the original, after BF2 they all went to ****. It's just a COD clone these days.... I much prefer Arma despite all its glitches, rubber banding and errors.
  6. PaRaDoX

    Attempted hacking????

    On an isolated honey pot yes. On our production environment its all SSL-vpn run on non-standard ports for remote access.
  7. PaRaDoX

    Terrorist attack on Paris Satirical News Paper

    you're right, we should kill everyone who attempts to sell a natural resource of their own country.
  8. PaRaDoX

    Attempted hacking????

    In my experience there are no good internet carriers in NZ, we have a few customer sites there and its painful.
  9. PaRaDoX

    What's everyone Playing

    Dayz of our lives, I've been playing it since the mod was released, the standalone is still so far from being anywhere near as good as the mod. Arma3 is amazing - It's not supposed to be easy, Battlefield stopped being any good after BF2 really. Its just a new evolution of COD - Utter ****...
  10. PaRaDoX

    Attempted hacking????

    If you have any device that can monitor traffic and display logs you discover a disgusting amount of access attempts, mostly originating from Russia & China On one of our public ip's we observer on average 10 attempted RDP connections per minute attempting to brute force, using common usernames...
  11. PaRaDoX

    Movies Coming Out Soon - Now Discussion Thread

    Pretty much, i wouldn't have been as kind as that though.
  12. PaRaDoX

    Terrorist attack on Paris Satirical News Paper

    Let me remind everyone about the invasion of Iraq, the US, UK ,Australia and Poland invaded Iraq to effectively remove a leader they did not like based on the lies he possessed WMD's / Chemical Weapons despite the UN Weapon inspectors finding not a single trace. Despite none being found Sadam...
  13. PaRaDoX

    Movies Coming Out Soon - Now Discussion Thread

    If the Avengers 2 is anything like the first it will be worse than having teeth pulled. never in my life have I see a movie that showcases 2 hours and 23 minutes of absolute ****, If i were not with friends i would have walked out on it, instead i fell asleep. There is no story line, horrible...
  14. PaRaDoX

    VZ V8 Safety Mode Issues

    As its drive by wire, the TPS is built in. I can explain why this causes such a huge issue. The TPS is used to calculate engine load and thus ignition timing, without a correct reading the engine can detonate so as a safety feature it restricts all timing advance
  15. PaRaDoX

    Oil in airbox

    It's a v6 not a rocket ship, i think the word you're looking for is Rocker.
  16. PaRaDoX


    I can confirm that the LS1 ECU/BCM Does NOT monitor transmission temperatures via ODB-II, the V6 may be different as it is a different model ECU. You can pick up a ELM-327 Bluetooth adapter for less than $30 on ebay, not a bad thing to have for the trip anyway as it can check codes in plain text...
  17. PaRaDoX

    Vz xforce exhaust

    Only if he drives it into a body of water.
  18. PaRaDoX

    vz ss service vehicle soon message

    In my experience it usually indicates a sensor issue, ie MAF/O2, I've had it with a large exhaust gasket leak before just before the O2 sensor
  19. PaRaDoX

    nathans VY Calais - 'Calais 2.0'

    Lookin' good Nath!
  20. PaRaDoX

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Are you kidding me? The reason jobs are going offshore is because its too expensive to do anything in this country anymore, why? Because of unskilled workers with little to no education demanding to be amoung the highest paid in workers in the country (excluding executives & management of...
  21. PaRaDoX

    Hoska91's JZA70 Supra

    There were 2 types of guards, Wide body and Narrow body, Hoska has narrow body guards, the one in the photo is a wide body.
  22. PaRaDoX

    Hoska91's JZA70 Supra

    Looks nice, will clean up good, i always regretted not getting a black one
  23. PaRaDoX

    HZ One Tonner

    Howdy!!! Whats going on? It was actually easier to load than unload I like the part where they painted over the speedhole on the door
  24. PaRaDoX

    Alloytec and Alloytec 190 Engine Specs and Details

    Atleast its the correct usage of "blow" when referring to paying 10k for a v6 VZ
  25. PaRaDoX

    changing T/B to cable??

    on some cars they give you delayed throttle onset, i had a 2006 subaru liberty GT that did it badly (took 3 seconds to get %100 throttle probably to prevent smashing AWD gearbox) However I've logged and compared this on my VZ with a LS1, its pretty much 1:1 with some fine adjustments in the...
  26. PaRaDoX

    Fixed my belt squeal

    ignore me, realized it was a v6 after posting.
  27. PaRaDoX

    Engine belt squeal on WOT gear change - LS1

    TBH haven't checked, its only very occassionally, ill take a photo of the tensioner, but yeah the belt could be the wrong one as they may have changed? Trans was serviced about 30,000km ago (before i got the car) but ill be doing it in about a week again anyway with a full service. trans fluid...
  28. PaRaDoX

    Engine belt squeal on WOT gear change - LS1

    i forgot to mention i also get PS shutter at low speed when turning
  29. PaRaDoX

    Engine belt squeal on WOT gear change - LS1

    I doubt it, if the band was slipping i'd see burn trans oil and it would let go pretty quick/get worse and i would feel the effect, the gear changes are fast and feel tight, it hasn't been getting worse and the trans oil is fine over the last year and actually got better when i changed the...
  30. PaRaDoX

    Engine belt squeal on WOT gear change - LS1

    Hi Guys, my car does this from time to time but its finally getting to me. Its a 2005 VZ Calais auto v8 ls1 Only under certian conditions this happens which are the PWR button is on and ive got my foot to the floor between first and second gear (WOT) when it changes gear the change is...
  31. PaRaDoX

    more Mang for your buck?

    and is your L67 in a VT/VX? I'm assuming its in a VK which is about 400kg lighter..
  32. PaRaDoX

    more Mang for your buck?

    I think you missed the point, why do a conversion when its cheaper and easier just to buy one setup from the factory...
  33. PaRaDoX

    more Mang for your buck?

    the thing is, no one wants to buy a car thats been engine swapped so your car will actually be worth less than the others on the market. Save your money and just buy one from factory..
  34. PaRaDoX

    more Mang for your buck?

    I own both and i can honestly say no, my LS1 gets between 11-13L/100km where as my L67 will not use less than 13-14L/100km, i drive both on highways and freeways alot and both engines are in excellent condition. don't waste your money on a V6, they're really expensive to modify as well. The only...
  35. PaRaDoX

    Lifting Points on 3.8L Ecotec (How to Lift Engine Out)

    holy crap man thats a bad idea.... The intake manifold inst designed to support the 300 odd kg of the engine. While it may have worked fine for you this isn't a good idea...
  36. PaRaDoX

    Boost666s L67 Calais

    280rwkw is fairly high for 14psi on a m90 i'm not sure you'll see that but it will definately be a big improvement.
  37. PaRaDoX

    Boost666s L67 Calais

    Yeah diesels have thicker castings due to the high compression ratio's required for auto ignition of diesel and are less prone to warping, having said this luke ran un machined, used MLS gasket on his RB30 without leakage but its a gamble, plus you have to be pushing some serious power to exceed...
  38. PaRaDoX

    Boost666s L67 Calais

    Just because it's common doesn't mean its a good idea, Lots of people smoke crack.. The solenoid should not leak (mine doesn't), Your car will never be using the o2 or lean cruise due to passive boost. Also, You've ordered a Multi Layered Steel headgasket (MLS), it uses a Viton coating to seal...
  39. PaRaDoX

    Please Help VZ engine noise

    The reason people suggest thicker oils is usually when the rings wear or the cylinder become oval and blowby increases, the thinner oil ends up making it past the rings and burns oil. Having said that its a bandaid for a bullet wound, I'd stick with the recommended I've heard this noise...
  40. PaRaDoX

    Boost666s L67 Calais

    Clean car! why would you bypass the solenoid?!??!?!?!?! you know the solenoid is designed to vent boost on idle only right? and with no positive boost the valve can open on its own. you'll just be using more fuel on idle and saping power from the engine...