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  1. FXST01

    fuel pressure regulator

    Keep us informed Rob
  2. FXST01

    1992 VP Cooling Problems

  3. FXST01

    1992 VP Cooling Problems

    Does the fan actually work?
  4. FXST01

    Level 3 Cluster Beeping

    Too bad you can't buy replacement plastic circuit boards any more for these dashes.
  5. FXST01


    Does this only happen when low on fuel? Might be the swirl pot hose has come off in the tank.
  6. FXST01

    How do i remove a Vn Door handle?

    MMMM i thought i had replied to this, what I do is, move it a little so the U bend is exposed and then put a smaller screwdriver through the U bend and use that to lever it out of its slide.
  7. FXST01

    Electrical Problems - VP S1 Calais

    A bit brief, but what you tried? Checked relays and fuses? Your earths are good?
  8. FXST01

    VP Calais spats onto Berlina

    Is there a left and right version? Maybe you are fitting the left side to the right side of the veh.
  9. FXST01

    Vp Commodore Turns Off At Random - Stumped

    My attention would be on the CAS, sounds similar to something I experienced a few years ago.
  10. FXST01

    dragging brakes?

    I sea what you did there, coming into the forum and making waves.
  11. FXST01

    dragging brakes?

    Rob, check that your calipers are on tight.
  12. FXST01

    Vs cranking issue

    Tried posting in the VS section, and are your terminals clean?
  13. FXST01

    Inside diameter of radiator hose pipe?

    I think top and bottom are two different sizes. Inlet/outlet 35/38mm
  14. FXST01

    Dead VG Ute

    Might need to take the HB off again and inspect the CAS.
  15. FXST01

    Dead VG Ute

    Reconnect the CAS? All the connectors and hoses to the TB?
  16. FXST01

    Ve esc/abs fault

    Post your problems in the VE section, not the VN/VP section. Probably get more help there.
  17. FXST01

    Vn v6 harness problem

    Those two looms you show look like the passenger side looms to me.
  18. FXST01

    Engine rattle on down rev

    Losh, Have you actually tried taking the belt off and seeing if the noise is still there? Your video sounded like a knackered bearing to me.
  19. FXST01

    Will Vp V6 sedan transmission fit wagon Vp V6

    Some fuel pumps keep running for up to 20 secs after turning off the ignition due to the fact that the oil pressure is slowly dropping.
  20. FXST01

    Vn boot sping rods

    Does this help?
  21. FXST01

    Vg V6 running temperature

    Did you turn the heater on when bleeding the system?
  22. FXST01

    Vs lv2 Cluster in Vp lv1 Cluster

    Might answer your questions: https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/vr-level-2-dash-into-vp-level-1.82832/
  23. FXST01


    You sure it had a crank angle sensor replaced? Pretty sure the V8s never used them, i believe it'sl hall effect sensor in the distributor. What's the ignition module and coil like?
  24. FXST01

    Help Decoding Build Plate

    Built: 28/07/98 I don't recall a Series 3 of the VS's.
  25. FXST01

    Some Advice/Help Please VP Auto V6

    Check the two uni joints in the tailshaft.
  26. FXST01

    Silicone Radiator Hoses.

    A bit of feedback, I bought this complete hose kit off Ebay (GPI brand), top hose need 25 mm cut off and could do with a bit more lobbed off, the bottom hose (see pic) was too short and required a 100 aluminium tube, the hose hidden under the alternator (see other pic) needed a trim as well...
  27. FXST01

    Fe2 sway bar probllem...

    As Smitty said. Attached are some instructions
  28. FXST01

    noisy wipers

    Motor mounting bolts have become loose?
  29. FXST01

    Vn 304 wont start

    Assuming an Auto, maybe park/neutral switch.
  30. FXST01


    OK you checked all the fuses and links, but have you tested for power at each fuse and link?
  31. FXST01

    strange stalling then kept going

    Still sounds like the CAS to me, once it cooled down its good to go. Whats the harmonic balancer like? Any splits in the rubber? I wonder if cleaning the earths on the DFI / wiring would help or for that matter all the engine bay earths. Code 46 - Ignition Module Fault, which i translate to...
  32. FXST01

    Replacement Console Standoffs

    $$ phew, i thought $20 for a handbrake button was obscene.
  33. FXST01

    Replacement Console Standoffs

    I reckon you could find a suitable replacement at Clark Rubber, search their stock of rubber feet etc
  34. FXST01

    Choke sticks on

    Then you'll need to adjust the pulse width timing of the injectors. :D
  35. FXST01

    Choke sticks on

    What? feedback on a fix? I'm sure how to respond to this. Good job Tony.
  36. FXST01

    What did you do to your VR/VS today?

    These? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HOLDEN-VN-VP-VR-VS-VG-COMMODORE-UTE-TUB-TAIL-LIGHT-CORNER-COVER-TRIM/282901256276?hash=item41de3a9854:g:RNkAAOSwWWJauZds
  37. FXST01

    Another VS climate control question...sorry :(

  38. FXST01

    Choke sticks on

    I wonder if the o-ring around the IAC needs replacing.