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  1. Bubbaj247

    hot warning came on!

    Hey, It could be a few things. 1 - check the seal on the radiator cap, if this is stuffed then this will cause this. 2 - water pump, on its way out (not sure) 3- Make sure the water is topped up as much as possible, even if its slight low it can cause all sorts of problems. Cheers
  2. Bubbaj247

    IRD LSD Centre changing

    Yeah This Is Fairly Simple, Time consuming yes!!! And If you have the tools, then you will have no problems doing it at home, We recently did mi mates Diff, and it took a day to change, Took old one out, Drove 1.5hours aways to get new one, drove 1.5hours back then put the new one in the car...
  3. Bubbaj247

    Just Car Sayings!

    Man who runs behind car gets exhauted! Man who runs in front of car gets tyred!
  4. Bubbaj247

    Just Car Sayings!

    Post Your Car Sayings Here!
  5. Bubbaj247

    Put bucket seats in, what to do with airbags

    I Heard shorten the wires car cause serious problems, airbags are an item in the car you dont mess around with, either get it done properly or not at all. Ask Holden About this, they maybe able to reconfigre the airbag sensor module to say there are only 2 air bags instead of 4. But id highly...
  6. Bubbaj247

    Petrol Smell Inside Of Car - Vt v6

    Hi There, Just A Questions sometimes when im driving between half a tank and a quarter it smells like petrol inside the car??? its very strong, what is this, has anyone heard about this problem!
  7. Bubbaj247

    Your VT-VX 0-100 in?

    i can do better then the standard time
  8. Bubbaj247

    2.5" Oval chrome tip

    Hey ill do $40 for the twin tip, and pick her up??
  9. Bubbaj247

    Wanted To Buy - VT Front & Rear Bumpers

    Hey All, Im Looking For Front and rear Bumpers, In Good Condition, To Suit My Vt commodore, Thanks. Please Msg Me, or Reply Back,
  10. Bubbaj247

    Replacing the Fan Speed Resistor

    I got a vt replaced the fan resistor $22.50 and works a dream
  11. Bubbaj247

    Sub Or Amp problem???

    Just A tip when using Capacitors, Make sure there within at least 12inch of ya amp, as this will get the best of your cap, cheers
  12. Bubbaj247

    Fog Light switch for neons VT

    Ya should hook it up to ya door pins, so when u open ya door it will go on, also have it on a switch so ya can turn it on while in the car, send me a message if you want the wiring diagram for this, its real easy stuff, cheers
  13. Bubbaj247

    Brake Cappliers

    The Best way to get your brake callipers really looking good, get them sand blasted first then paint them. :)
  14. Bubbaj247

    How Can You Stop People From Stealing Your Rims?

    Get the Key Type Lock Nuts, put one on each wheel and use a normal lock nut on each wheel too.
  15. Bubbaj247

    Shift kit

    I got an electronic Shift Kit, And it works great, for how easy it is to connect to the ecu, and works when u want it too. Its on a switch so u can turn it on and off when u want. I brought my for around $70. I know someone with a hydraulic one and he doesnt see any differents apart from the price.
  16. Bubbaj247

    Diff Rebuild Questions

    I no someone that had a simular problem like this, but it was the tail shaft, the guys that had his car had dropped the tail shaft down on the ground quite hard, and this put it out of balance. Best to go to a drive train place, get them to check it all out. Tell them wats happened with holden!! :)
  17. Bubbaj247

    Possible gearbox problem

    Well Theres That Many Common Commodores, Im Sure That You Would Be Able To Find Your Self A Good One For The Same Price, Or Even Cheaper. Dont Buy A Car With Problems Ya Not Sure About!
  18. Bubbaj247

    series 1 or series 11

    The Tail Lights Are Correct. Series I cars have orange flasher lens, where the series II have clear ones. Also im not 100% but i think series II have cruise control and series I dont??? not sure though.
  19. Bubbaj247

    no rear muffler

    I got a Vt V6, Mainfold to Cat 2" From The Cat to muffler 2.5" then from the middle muffler 2.5" to Resonator then 3" Pipe with a tip!!!! i the rear muffler taken out, and WOW. My car now picks up alot better, i can even now get my car off the clock 220+ without a problem, but before i had the...
  20. Bubbaj247

    Post your VT - VX pictures here

    My Vt commodore... My Vt commodore, Currently In progress of Customising In Interior
  21. Bubbaj247

    Idle speed varies

    Also Check the fine filter which is where the air intake sensor is. I found my commodore to be doing the same thing, once i cleaned the little rocks, and dirt that was in it, it come good again.
  22. Bubbaj247

    vt traction control

    If it doesnt have traction control button, then i dont think it has traction control, With mine, I pulled the ABS fuse out and now the ABS and traction dont work :D
  23. Bubbaj247

    Clunck from rear, vx r8 clubby

    Hey there ive had the same problem recently, and the best way to check if its ya diff, jack up the back end of ya car, and leave the hand brake on. start ya car, and go from Park to Drive. Does the tail shaft move more then 1/6th of the way, if so you got major diff problems. Thats what ive...
  24. Bubbaj247

    Modified Snorkel on ebay

  25. Bubbaj247

    Diagnostic code reader

    Hi There, Ive Got One Of There, Diagnostic Readers, Which works great, You can clear error code, watch differnent volts for different items, even read sensors etc. Im selling this at the moment for $180 with laptop, as need the money for our second child coming along. Email me at...
  26. Bubbaj247

    Modified Snorkel on ebay

    That Air Intake On Ebay, Is Just Being Cut Out A Little Bit Bigger, And As Ive Tried This my self, i have noticed, a much smoother ride, and little more top speed.
  27. Bubbaj247

    Photos Of Interior Vt-VZ

    Hi There, Im Wanting To Change My Interior Of My Vt Commodore, And hoping to get a few idea from people, send in your pics Cheers
  28. Bubbaj247

    Diagnostic Kit For Sale With Laptop

    Hi There im selling a Diagnostic usb kit with cable, software and laptop. All Works And Fully Functional. Please email me at [email protected] with offers. Thanks
  29. Bubbaj247

    Air Con - No Fan

    Hi There, I have A VT 99 Acclaim and recently i have noticed the fan doesnt work any more, ive been to the mechanic to try and fix it, he told me it was the resister that has gone, and needs to be replaced. Well Ive replaced that, but still doesnt work, Ive check the Fuses, And the replay For...
  30. Bubbaj247

    Bigger Throttle Body

    Any one got a bigger throttle body on there car? what size was it and was size is on it? Does It give you more power? How much? Better Fuel economy?
  31. Bubbaj247

    Tail Lights - How Dark

    Whos Got Darkened Tail Lights Or Even Nearly Pure Black?
  32. Bubbaj247

    AMSOIL - The First In Full Synthetics

    Has Anyone Got or Tryed Amsoil in there car?
  33. Bubbaj247

    VT-VX Hidden Trip Computer

    I Think The other guy was talking about mi GF, anyway.. lol
  34. Bubbaj247

    removing abs fuse for big burnouts

    Yeah i guess somepeople probley would but im not just talking about older people, but i got a 11month old daughter, now think of the impact there.
  35. Bubbaj247

    removing abs fuse for big burnouts

    Well like some people have experienced, but airbags arnt always good, what we can do is a small experiment, ill drive past you while mi mate hangs out the window and slogs you with a pillow at 50Km/h while you stand still, That is what ive heard a airbag fills like, plus the impact of the Pole...
  36. Bubbaj247

    Blue LED Dash Conversion

    About 3 dollars a bottle and one bottle will be fine
  37. Bubbaj247

    VT-VX Hidden Trip Computer

    No no thats how much fuel i go through, per 100km , the other one is for how much is left in the tank. Believe me i go through a lot of fuel
  38. Bubbaj247

    VT-VX Hidden Trip Computer

    My gf is a tart, seriously she up forsale anyone intrested. starting at .50c. Now she giving me the evil eye! Now she thinks i wont post this, well whoops
  39. Bubbaj247

    The "gears" and "power" in an auto

    I Got a Vt II, You can have it in 1st all the time, but for it to change gears it needs to reach about 200rpm b4 the redline, gear after gear,Its not a bad way to get all the power out of all gears, By leaving it in first once it reachs 59Km/H it drops back into first, it says what it will do in...
  40. Bubbaj247

    VT-VX Hidden Trip Computer

    Hey, Just to comfirm a few things, To Get This "hidden menu up" push and hold the menu and the up button then either put the ignition to on, or start the car. I Contacted this guy i know that works for holden, and i asked him about it, and you can have anything you want displayed, They do use a...