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    VY Exec vs VY Crewman Wiring

    Hi Guys, Is the main wiring loom in the VY Crewman roughly the same as the Exec? I imagine the Crewman will have a few more wires given the extra features, but is the basic layout the same?
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    Rear End Accidents

    Yeah I'm not completely sure, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that there were some exceptions. For example if the lead car deliberately locks up or "break tests" the trailing car etc. Not really sure though I couldn't find anything one way or the other on the rta website.
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    Rear End Accidents

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if there are any exceptions to the rules in NSW around rear to tail accidents when the trailing car is at fault?
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    VY 19" wheels

    I can't say for sure, but my 19/245/35's only just clear my suspension (standard exec) at full lock by less than 10mm.
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    Where to mount the amp?

    Mine is mounted on the left side wall. There is a flat section just big enough for it. Having said that, I'm looking at moving it to under the parcel shelf.
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    window tinting

    One thing I learned was that the VY has silicon around all the windows that the tind doesn't cover very well (Imagine putting glad wrap on a basketball). This is not a huge issue, but something to prepare yourself for.
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    Repairing Hail Damage

    I've been told you need to act fairly quickly if the paintless dent removal is going to work well. Can anyone shed any light on this? I've been told I'm probably looking at $100 per dent.
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    Repairing Hail Damage

    Hi Guys, Anyone had any experience getting hail damage repaired? Is it normally expensive?
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    Fire Extinguisher...best looking for interior

    Sorry to point out the obvious, but what is the point of having it in a sealed box? Surely you would want it be be as accessible as possible.
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    Removing Mirrors

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to get my side mirrors off to paint them. Does anyone know how to get them off?
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    Wiring diagram for power window switches

    you might find this thread useful
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    Removing centre dash - HELP!

    headlight switch just comes out thru the front. stick a small screwdriver down the side to hold the clip in, pull it out a bit, then repeat on the other side.
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    Repairing metalic paint

    Yeah well I made the mistake of thinking cut and polish would remove a small scratch the same as normal paint - bad idea, don't try this at home. I still have the original scratch, as well as a dull area where I hit it with the polish.
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    Repairing metalic paint

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if its possible to touch up metalic paint?
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    VY Boot release solenoid

    Sorry mate I don't totally understand. Where exactly would I look for this?
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    Installing aftermarket alarm in VY

    I got this setup and working this afternoon. There are actaully a couple of wires that carry signals to arm and disarm it.
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    Installing aftermarket alarm in VY

    Yeah its an upgrade. I'm pretty much done but I have a little problem I need to sort out.
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    Fog lights for Executive

    I seem to remember reading that the headlight teardrop on the calais and berlina is different to that of the other models and therefore the front bars cannot be interchanged.
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    Custom center console completed

    Holy crap there's some good $$ just in the cup holders and converter. I really like the white instrument cluster in the top one, is that out of ahigher model or is it custom? That second install looks sweet.
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    Adding Fog lights to a STD VZ ute

    I've had a close look at the cluster, and there doesn't appear to be a spot for a fog light light.
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    Fitting electric windows

    Hey very nice. This has renewed my desire to do the conversion.
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    Adding Fog lights to a STD VZ ute

    You might find this thread http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=30387 useful. There is a link to a website in there that was very helpful with my install. In answer to your questions, no wiring in either place, but the wiring is not hard. Also, there's no fog light light in...
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    Fitting electric windows

    Any chance of taking a photo of the gromets? I've been considering this for quite a while and filling the holes is my major concern.
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    Fitting electric windows

    Nice:) So do you guys have wiring in place to plug the looms into, or have you had to run wires as well?
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    Fitting electric windows

    Hey Rowan what would you say all the components cost you?
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    Fitting electric windows

    whats the auto down feature?
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    Fitting electric windows

    Possibly a stupid question, but why do you need to replace the BCM? I have also considered upgrading to power windows but haven't really looked into it much yet. What are you planning to do with the holes left in the door trims?
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    VY foggies

    I don't recommend trying to use stock relay locations in the engine bay - they are impossible to access. I suggest you purchase the proper fog light switch and do it properly.
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    Door Side Skirts

    Or just paint the strips. I've done this and I think it looks quite good. However, my car is white which was quite easy to get a good colour match.
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    VY foggies

    If you just want them on permanently when the parkers or headlights are on, just wire them into the back of the the headlights. I had mine set up like this for a few weeks before I got the new lightswitch and it worked ok. The best spot to get thru the firewall is just near where the...
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    Installing aftermarket alarm in VY

    Hi Guys, I'm part way through installing an alarm in my VY. Can anyone give me any pointers for finding the correct wires that arm and disarm the standard alarm? Cheers.
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    Personal Media Player installed

    The surround looks pretty cool. Nice work.
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    theif repeatively coming - what to do?`

    I did consider this approach for a short while - well not a live wire, but something similar to an electric fence connected to the chasis. I bet they wouldn't be expecting that:)
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    Good Circuit for Immobiliser

    Hi Guys, I'm after a couple of circuits to connect my immobiliser into. Can anyone suggest a good circuit?
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    Hidden Tweaters

    Hi Guys, I did a fair bit of reading prior to upgrading my stereo, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone mention the tweeters mounted under the vents near the windscreen. I got quite a shock when I found these today, and an even bigger shock when I discovered they were working. Does...
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    Disassembling VY Dash

    Sweet, sounds easy... Thanks for the advise
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    VY Central Locking/Alarm Wiring Diagram

    Hey does anyone else have this info. I'd love to get into it this morning.
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    Disassembling VY Dash

    Hi Guys, Can anyone give me some guidance for pulling the dash apart. I'm ok with things like the glovebox and the centre console, but haven't gone any further than that as yet and I need to get access to the vents just under the windscreen. Cheers, Clint