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  1. K

    VS SS T5 lost all gears

    Hey guys, been ALONG time since I was in here.. Long story short, Car had sat for quite a while (like a couple of years)(but started regulary, just not moved), jumped in it to take it for a drive - around 40km round trip. decided to pop into someones place for a visit around 3km's from home...
  2. K

    broke bolt on engine mount

    or a reverse threaded drill bit...
  3. K

    Pic of the day thread - Read rules in first post before posting

    just going to drop this here.. merry christmas everyone..
  4. K


    A very sad day today. After several years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after just one minor indiscretion - he slept with one of his patients and can now no longer work in the profession. What a waste of all that training and money. A genuinely...
  5. K

    Stance project VE SSV (help & input required please)

    I had a Mazda Famila GTX turbo... an what haha...
  6. K

    Youtube.com and the like videos. - KEEP IT LEGAL PLEASE!

    Hate it when you get Christmas songs stuck in your head...
  7. K

    NG commodore first photos without camo. What do.you think?

    Burn it, burn it now..
  8. K

    Do 5 speed getrag gearboxs handle burnouts

    what if its a burnout car on a burnout pad..... why to jump to conclusions..
  9. K

    Should I use Oztrack?

    generic tune would be my guess..
  10. K

    Bashing cats on VY LS1

    but if you want to bogan it, they are ceramic so a good wack would start to gut them :) <-- coming from a NZer so legal to not run Cats
  11. K

    Post your recent purchases

    swimming pool.. bastard took a solid 8 hours to full.. thank god im (was) over $600 credit with watercare...
  12. K

    Commodore GTR

    and the numbered plate.... that has to add a few $$ to it surely..
  13. K

    Post your recent purchases

    For father in law for christmas... steampunk watch
  14. K

    Custom/HSV tonneau covers where can i get them??

    Just take your one to a screen printer...
  15. K

    Airbag light

    or plug in an air bag module to trick it..
  16. K

    super low or ultra low ??? help needed!!!

    just chuck in some coilovers.... job done.
  17. K

    Will you ever buy another Holden?

    I will, but wont be brand new ;)
  18. K

    my Kingswood.

    so it is basicly a shelf now...
  19. K

    Commodore GTR

    bet those GTR branded floor mats wern't cheap haha..
  20. K

    Commodore GTR

    could atleast thrown a garrett on it ;)
  21. K

    Gardening / Landscaping

    Maybe pitchfork the **** out of it and rake over some sand??
  22. K

    Commodore GTR

    why LOL????? http://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/news/10647736/Limited-edition-Commodore-for-NZ-market Guess not!!!
  23. K

    5.0 Litre VT SS Worth Anything

    I have a manual VS SS with 230K on it.. never going to sell it either..
  24. K

    Commodore GTR

    didnt you guys get them in Aussie ???
  25. K

    Post your recent purchases

  26. K

    WHII Caprice

    Looks really good.. always liked the WH ... needs all the low on a set of 20'' concaves and job done..
  27. K

    Youtube.com and the like videos. - KEEP IT LEGAL PLEASE!

    Good old Mentos...
  28. K

    Air bags

    pretty sure they are throw away..
  29. K

    Power Generator, Petrol or Diesel?

    how much do you want to spend?? we just got a backup gene from trade tested for work - do hosting - we got a 6.5kVA Digital Inverter Generator in Diesel with Remote start but probably a bit of an overkill for you.. But have a look at what they have, not badly priced either.. This one...
  30. K

    VR Commodore cuts out.

    did you replace with new or 2nd hand parts??
  31. K

    HDMI cord

    nope, but can you change the resolution back within the laptop settings?
  32. K

    Any extra mods available for my car I should do.

    Heads, intake will probably be next on the list.. presume auto maybe a beefer torque converter..
  33. K

    Rear shocks

    Yip, i have KYB shortened shocks as well.... had them for about 4 years now with no drama, although i only do sub 500km's a year max..
  34. K

    LS98 - To Cam or not to Cam? that is the question.

    you sure they dont send it down to E&H Motors in manukau road Pukekohe??