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  1. uteman

    Who hit my car??

    So Tuff WOW I wonder if you would have been so brave if it was a bloke !
  2. uteman

    Vale Tom Walkinshaw

    RIP TOM WALKINSHAW :supersad: Motor racing legend Tom Walkinshaw dies « SpeedCafe - Get Your Racing Fix
  3. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    Comin Up For Two Years Now Its been nearly 2 years since i got rid of my VZ S Ute never been happier no drama with the XR6 seen the poor bastard who bought my VZ again gauge still up the shuyte. Sad to say after buying Holdens all my life and the last 4 new ones, the after sales service and...
  4. uteman

    Troys 2007 WM Statesman

    Remember This . Troy bare in mind it will be hard to match the colour as the body is metal and the bumber is plastic! .
  5. uteman

    resetting stop watch on vz

    Incorrect Incorrect (as explained in the owner's manual if you have one) :unsure: .
  6. uteman

    Alloy trim parts

    Is This A Trade Price Is this a trade price??? What was the all up cost ??? .
  7. uteman

    Run your car on water?

    My Great Grandfather Did My Great Grandfather ran his car on water in the early 1900's :w00t: It was made to run on water, it was a steam car. :thumbsup: .
  8. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    At least they told you they did.:bang:
  9. uteman

    VZ Badge

    Why Bother :unsure: Hope you found this helpful !!! :bow: .
  10. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    I Wish You Luck :bang: GOOD LUCK :cry:
  11. uteman

    Service Engine Oil ???

    Look At These These cover it :dance: Welcome to the world of VZ stuff ups. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vz-holden-commodore-2004-2006/35864-sv6-service-engine-oil.html http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vz-holden-commodore-2004-2006/58720-service-engine-oil.html
  12. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    Same Here My thoughts exactly the last Holden I ever buy. Crappy after sales service from 3 different dealers. They just talk the same [email protected]#t as Holden do.Deny there is a problem and finally you go away. I've gone away for good. :rip:
  13. uteman

    VZ Passenger Speaker Grill

    Would I be able to remove the grill with out taking the door panel off ? And then stick it back on.
  14. uteman

    VZ Passenger Speaker Grill

    That Was Quick Thanks any idea how to go about fitting it?
  15. uteman

    VZ Passenger Speaker Grill

    Has anybody replaced the speaker grill in a VZ Ute ? Someone put their foot though mine :bang: Help Please Someone.
  16. uteman

    Service Engine Oil

    Same Thing Happened Again Have a look here also. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=35864 I took my car back to be reset my Holden "because if you do it yourself it will return" they had it for 1/2 a day and lo and behold when I reached 46,800 km on it came again...
  17. uteman

    Fuel Gauge

    Shouldn't be a problem ? will be a hassle :bang: and in my case will never be fixed, or working as a petrol gauge should. Good Luck:unsure:
  18. uteman

    Onetonner with 4X4 downhill assist

    Welcome to the world of Holden. :ranting: This has happened to my VZ ute a number of times, was told by Holden it was impossible, could not, would not,no way it could happen. It's the same as the petrol gauge issue, they ignore you till they wear you down and can not spend another day with...
  19. uteman

    15K service

    Settle Matey :whistling there are good and bad every where doing every thing
  20. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    because that would be admitting it is faulty in the first place :bang:
  21. uteman

    VZ Fuel Gauge Problem

    I agree 100%. This is the last holden i will ever buy & this is my 4th new one & the last.
  22. uteman

    my 304 vk calais

  23. uteman

    Differing wheel sizes

    skinnys on the front fats on the back thats the way we did it in the old days
  24. uteman

    What Fuel Do u use in your car

    I seem to get better mileage out of Optimax
  25. uteman

    is a vt mast compatible with a vz mast?

    Super Cheap around $25 from memory
  26. uteman

    Sv6 Service Engine Oil

    It will come come back on in another 26,000km it must be reprogramed or so they tell me
  27. uteman

    electronic antenna bent

    got mine on tuesday from supercheap to suit a VZ ask them to order 1 in
  28. uteman

    Seat belt height adjuster??

    Seat Belt Mine did not
  29. uteman

    VZ SV6/SS Bumper Removal

    NOTE Some versions may also be fitted with 2 more screws located underneath the number plate. If someone can confirm/deny this for me, it would be appreciated. Troy My 2004 VZ S pack Ute has the screws under the number plate
  30. uteman

    Sv6 Service Engine Oil

    No took it to the dealer told me it will come back if not reset properly,kept car 1/2 a day ? :(
  31. uteman

    Sv6 Service Engine Oil

    Did not work on my 04 VZ S Ute
  32. uteman

    Down Hill Desecent Control

    Happens to my VZ S Ute when I put it in park sometimes. Has a picture of a 4X4 as well.Probaly put it there to take my mind off faulty petrol gague.
  33. uteman

    Commodore SVZ

    dont do it teddyw Buy a vz if you want [email protected]*t after sales service,a faulty fuel gauge 7 times returned to dealer to try to fix,squealing brakes that "SHOULD BE OK IT DIDNT HAPPEN FOR US" that was the dealer response. This is the 3rd new holden i have owned the 1st that the windscreen...
  34. uteman

    might be the wrong question but .....

    In your dreams tell him hes dreaming son:w00t: