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    Miss Nics Black Berlina International Sportswagon

    I picked up my new baby today, I think I love her very hard to get used too after driving the caprice!!! 2011 VE Series II Berlina International Sportswagon Black with Black Leather She's a stock family car altho Sunroof getting fitted Monday tho I'm so excited :) I think she looks...

    Ve series II sportswagon hollandia 700 sunroof???

    Hi guys, Does anybody have a 700 series sunroof in a series II sportswagon??? I've been told they have too much wind noise and they only reccommend a 900 which is the dual panel which I don't like?? Does anybody have any feed back on them. The cars booked in for sunroof dvd and sat nav...

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    any body ?????

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    bump again, come on bid on it on ebay its only on $2500 its a bloody cheap car

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    *bump* *bump* its on ebay now :( really need it gone

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    ill get a price, i work at holden any ways so i can get you a discounted price. got any go kart peices left you wanna get rid of?

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    more photos up, theres nothing wrong with her ive just got a vr caprice now and need to buy a new go kart trailer so need her gone. the kms are also all highway kms as i drive from warragul to berwick every day for work. ive had her for 4 years now never had any problems with her.

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    Why is that a lol give me an extra grand and she's yours

    Verynice VS Caprice

    nice ride, and love the colour too. looks great :D
  10. VRFURY

    215i Manual Statesman

    nice love those wheels they were on mine before i brought it. they suit em really well
  11. VRFURY

    '97 Caprice SHYGMH

    holly crap. sweet caprice. i dont even have any words to descibe it. *drool*
  12. VRFURY

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    taking offers i need it gone
  13. VRFURY

    [VIC] 2000 Series II VT Berlina

    ITEM: 2000 Series II VT Berlina LOCATION: Victoria, any where between Warragul and Berwick it can be veiwed YEAR: 2000 build date may 2000 SERIES: VT Series II BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: V6 3.8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Fair condition, needs new...
  14. VRFURY

    Checking error codes VR/VS (Revised)

    ive got 12 and 13 is that normal to get 12 and a fault?
  15. VRFURY

    Checking error codes VR/VS (Revised)

    ive got an engine light flashing on some times for a long time some times only 5 seconds, im hoping when i go home tonight and try this it will give me a code so i can fix it. Its freaking me out having the engine light come on :'( will let you know what i get
  16. VRFURY

    WALESY's pimpn WH Caprice

    those rims are just wow. i love them!!! Nic
  17. VRFURY

    Top Gear Live

    that is awesome, so wanna see them one day im in love with richard hammond <3<3<3
  18. VRFURY

    Official Victorian Bushfire Appeal Cruise

    all my clothes stink cant get the smoke smell out of them from our house being full of smoke it sucks
  19. VRFURY

    VT Berlina II

    lol leave her alone shes a beast pfffffft. i miss myvl :'(
  20. VRFURY

    it picks up chicks bro

    HAHAHA, funny stuff
  21. VRFURY

    What to do with the gov handout

    ***Suspension*** I wish, but going to the house deposit :'(
  22. VRFURY

    my new blue baby sv6

    nice first car, im still not 100% sure if im a fan of that colour yet. but nice all the same, but might want to move hehe nic
  23. VRFURY

    my red vx ss - update

    that looks good, nicely done too by the way love the wheels Nic
  24. VRFURY

    Stock VT Exec to This.

    that front end is super freaking sexy i love it, very nice ride. the rear different not bad :D nic
  25. VRFURY

    My VT

    lol at sticker. but nice ride. manual so not fair
  26. VRFURY

    Jason's VT Berlina - SS Kitted - VY Sigs - Leather Interior

    nice first ride, Be good to it nice cars <3 a berlina :D
  27. VRFURY

    VT Berlina II

    Hey guys thought it was about time i posted my little bugger. Just a plain white VT boring but here she is.... VT Berlina 2000 Sports Exhaust 18 Inch wheels VL Walky on my steering wheel Sticker :P that is all haha Just need to lower her it sits way high.... Nic
  28. VRFURY

    Top Gear Live

    damyou peoplethat went, So jealous:( lol
  29. VRFURY


    Well here is me!!! A little bit older than my other ones :D and my Dave!!! <3
  30. VRFURY

    Official Victorian Bushfire Appeal Cruise

    hey guys im gonna try make it, still have cleaning up and un packing to do but this is great and so well planned. will hopefully see you all there :) Nic
  31. VRFURY

    18" furys polished

    are these wheels still for sale???
  32. VRFURY

    Post your VT - VX pictures here

    that us a sexual looking car i love that colour.
  33. VRFURY

    My New VT II Berlina V6

    nice 2000 berlina, nice price too, picked mine up for 6 over a year ago now, had many other problems with it. I seem to have re accuring fuel pump promlems in her atm, and also rough as guts idoling but cant figure out whats wrong with it
  34. VRFURY

    :: LOWAGZ v2.0 :: (some pics work, some dont)

    Whoa Troy, dam ive missed alot, very nice work, we need to catch up i live nice and close to you now so ya needa show me all your work Nic...!
  35. VRFURY

    Troy Troy Troy do i see a black wagon, fill me in on things ive missed

    Troy Troy Troy do i see a black wagon, fill me in on things ive missed
  36. VRFURY

    My BbY "L"

    ok well its been over a year, but yay i just saw your post phoenix, i dont have any photos of the crashed vl any more, but she did go on ebay incase any one saw her crashed on there hehehe
  37. VRFURY

    My BbY "L"

    hehehe hello guys i forgot bout this thread. yes i crashed her, just a tiny bit of suspention damage but um her front wheel is umm how can i say on a different angle. but any who. i have a vt now but i miss the vl i should put some pics up of my car its funny
  38. VRFURY

    hey guys

    LOOK WHO WE HAVE HERE. nice ss, i havent seen it yet tho
  39. VRFURY

    Charg'd's VT XU6

    brent give me yopur wheels till july. and the lower half of your kit lol.... and ill give you my woodgrain for that hehehehehe
  40. VRFURY

    hypothetical question

    hehehehh hahahaha **** that is funny