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  1. Kieran263

    Sunroof knocking noise.

    Hey guys and girls. I'm having an issue with the sunroof in my Calais Wagon. When I'm driving and go over sharp bumps, even very slight ones, the sunroof makes a knocking noise as if it's loose when closed. It's not leaking but cruising at 100 kays there is some wind noise. Wondering if anyone...
  2. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    So of course she did what they always do, once you're going to take it to the mechanics the issue stops. Started her up this morning, made the same ticking noise for about 4 seconds then stopped. Went to get it looked at anyway and the verdict is in. And according to my mechanic(who I trust and...
  3. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    Ugh so first real mechanical issue with the wagon. Half way into work today engine light she comes on, still running fine but I pull over open the bonnet to try listen for anything, nothing out of the ordinary. I get into work and as I pull into the rear car park I rear a really loud ticking...
  4. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    So I work at a bottle shop that supplies a few pubs, yesterday we got a big order and the boss wasn't there with his Ute, so it was the wagon to the rescue. Usually sits probably 30mm higher than that, but 32 slabs got her tucking a bit of rim lol just glad the tein coilovers have such a stiff...
  5. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    The other night after a quick clean, still need to give her a proper wash and decent sealant application. Actually surprised at the lack of swirling in the paint, it has some scratches but where the paint is solid there are hardly any imperfections. PS apologies for the poor pic quality, need a...
  6. Kieran263

    Engine Light flashing / ESP off / Miss firing / Rough Idle

    Close, was injector #6 Hahaha also got the spark plugs done at the same time as I don't think they'd ever been changed, now with the injectors flushed and new plugs it's running sweet as a nut.
  7. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    Thanks guys, I'll have to take a few more pics soon. Yeah I love the pentagons, they've got a few bits of rash here and there but nothing I can't fix. Just had new plugs put in(fairly sure they'd never been changed) and got the injectors flushed as I was having some issues with it stumbling at...
  8. Kieran263

    Engine Light flashing / ESP off / Miss firing / Rough Idle

    Sounds exactly what happened to my 08 Calais Wagon this morning. Rough idle, no rattles just stumbling over itself, engine light on and esp off light illuminated also. The fix in your case was a faulty injector? Also assuming given your name is chappys ss it's a V8?
  9. Kieran263

    08 Calais wagon delicious daily

    So, it's been a long time since I've been on the forum, for many unfortunate reasons, but that's beside the point. The point is I'm back and in a good place :) So back to the story, this is my 08 Calais Wagon. I've had it for 2 months and am already madly and deeply in love(upgraded from a...
  10. Kieran263

    SV6 Ute 190 or 175 KW?

    If it's an SV6 it will have the 190 alloytec. The SV6 replaced the S in October 2006. But if you want to make sure check out the third post in this thread ---> http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vz-holden-commodore-2004-2006/82868-understanding-vz-vin-codes.html Going by what it says there...
  11. Kieran263

    Automotive Porn - read rules in first post

    Jack Brabham FTW
  12. Kieran263

    Subs again...

    About 5:30 in you learn about the sub.
  13. Kieran263

    Nostalgia Thread

    I just realised that's Kratos!
  14. Kieran263

    Automotive Porn - read rules in first post

    Next toy, the cost of running a commodore in Melbourne is killing me.
  15. Kieran263

    [VIC] Wrong address on fine

    It's called being mature. Own up to your sh*t. The end of last year I was pulled over for having a headlight out, as a result he checked my tyres, I knew this was going to be bad, 50,000 city kays had obviously taken its toll and I got defected. Even though I had to get a loan from a friend, I...
  16. Kieran263

    Nostalgia Thread

  17. Kieran263

    Nostalgia Thread

    Man, I had the biggest crush on Alex Mack, TBH I still do hahaha
  18. Kieran263

    Nostalgia Thread

    Johnson and Friends. Nuff said.
  19. Kieran263

    Nostalgia Thread

  20. Kieran263

    How many Commodores have been to the Moon!

    Our old family VL wags had been there and back 780,000kms, before it destroyed itself in spectacular fashion.
  21. Kieran263

    Electric car Sir? "Tell 'em they're dreaming"

    Honda FCX Clarity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Way of the future.
  22. Kieran263

    JBL 6.5" GTO608C Component Speakers

    Yep. 10 characters
  23. Kieran263

    Automotive Porn - read rules in first post

    Mates TTB VR V6, RIP OVR8TD.
  24. Kieran263

    best bang for your buck?

    Best bang for YOUR buck? Save your money for a while and buy some good, comfortable running/walking shoes. As you'll need them once your car is done.
  25. Kieran263

    Torana may be on its way back

    My dream for a new Torana. For holden to just pick a model of torana then copy the body shape really closely. Just change it a bit, smooth it out for some better Aero, then ignore any engine with 4 cylinders and you've got a car worthy of the badge. Just imagine it, 1300kg and 327kw. Plus...
  26. Kieran263

    Commodore breaks cover

    The wheels pic makes it look like it has down syndrome.
  27. Kieran263

    JBL 6.5" GTO608C Component Speakers

    Yeah, I've got the 2 way JBL coaxials in the rear doors, they were worth every dollar IMO.
  28. Kieran263

    How to handle yourself in a fight thread

    Just yell out "don't touch me, I'll get an erection!" usually works for me :D
  29. Kieran263

    The Comrade

    It's been ages, mostly because all of my money is going into university. Higher education FTW! Anyway so from the above entry I managed to do 2 things over the summer, got the brakes and link pins. Drives much better now, just thought you ought to know.
  30. Kieran263

    Rim suggestions and thoughts

    The Wheel Deal If I were you I'd be hitting up The Wheel Deal. It's all down to personal choice. Personally I love the advanti racing stella but I have no idea what they'd look like on VR/S.
  31. Kieran263

    What pets have you got?

    This is Peppa, in the photo she's about 4-5 months old. We've also got a dog Chilli(can't find a photo atm). Pomeranian cross Jack Russell, she's 16 but still the cutest puppy dog ever.
  32. Kieran263

    Drag race at lights... Lols!

    I've gotten sick of people trying race me at the lights so I've just started taking my shirt off when they want a run. You know the story, stopped at the lights, look around, catch their eye, they nod, they rev their engine, you take your shirt off. Nothing stops someones want to race more than...
  33. Kieran263

    Ask The Copper

    You have no idea where I was going with it. I want to know what the fine is for overloading with passengers in victoria because the only time I consider overloading is when my friends need a lift home from a club and there's more of them than seats in my car, this way I can warn them how much it...
  34. Kieran263

    Cultural Misunderstanding

    Yep, if you don't take time to learn the rules, bugger off back to your own country, which approves of rape according to what he's said.
  35. Kieran263

    new sound system

    That's like $1,700 worth of audio. If I were to spend that kind of money(if I COULD spend that sort of money) My list would be ... 2x MB QUART ONX1.1500D CLASS-D MONOBLOCK - $340 each 2x PIONEER TS-W3002D2 12" CHAMPION PRO - $270 each 1x MB QUART ONX4.80 ONYX SERIES 4/3/2 CHANNEL 640W RMS CAR...