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  1. OZChris

    Fitted rear mufflers today any one know what model they are off.

    How can you tell they are from an AFM car; I ask as they look the same as the ones I removed from my SS Sportwagon (non-AFM)?
  2. OZChris

    Tyres - Yokohama S221 or Bridestone RE050

    +1 on the RE050s, they were on special late last year for $349 each. The RE050s seem to hang on better than the S221s.
  3. OZChris

    Is it worth going from the SIDI 3.6 to SSV 6.0?

    I get low 14s from my SIDI SV6 Sedan and the wife gets low 16s in her SS Sportwagon - hope it helps :)
  4. OZChris

    Opinions of VE

    By some strange alignment of planets, both my wife and I have VEs; a SS Sportwagon and a SIDI SV6 Sedan. Both have been excellent cars; I should point out that we have both come from Fords/Mazdas/etc and are pleased with the two VEs. However, I had the misfortune to have a VE Omega with old...
  5. OZChris

    Towbar Wiring-On SV6 Wagon

    Anyone know the difference between the two cables, the guys at Holden in FTG sold me the more expensive one :(
  6. OZChris

    Changing VE SS seat covers

    Hi All I managed to pickup some VE SS Leather Seats covers to replace the standard cloth ones. Anyone done this before? I am interested in any comments / feedback before I start? Thanks Chris
  7. OZChris

    [VIC] 2008 SS Sportwagon

    Bump Bump :)
  8. OZChris

    What mufflers fit wagons?

    +1 the ute ones are different to sedan and wagon due length of tail pipes From what I understand SV6 / SS / etc are somewhat interchangable. I have a set of HSV R8 rear mufflers and pipes on our SS :)
  9. OZChris

    Alternatives for Bridgestone Potenzas

    I paid $350 recently when we got a puncture :)
  10. OZChris

    [VIC] 2008 SS Sportwagon

    Just some more shots as requested :)
  11. OZChris

    XR6 or Omega

    Vote for the XR6 too. The 4.0 litre straight 6 is better than the 3.0 V6, especially when combined with the ZF 6 speed auto :)
  12. OZChris

    Tyre Advice - VE SV6

    I paid $350 for a RE050A, so you may need to shop around a bit more :)
  13. OZChris

    [VIC] 2008 SS Sportwagon

    Bump Bump :)
  14. OZChris

    MY10 Sv6 Sportswagon Price?

    Have you considered a SS Sportwagon if you want a manual?
  15. OZChris

    Anyone got an SIDI Car? Whats it like?

    I have a Sidi SV6 auto, and I am happy to say that GM have finally got a great gearbox/engine combination :) Economy, well it's not so good for me - ~14.5 l/100km; my run to work is 15 kms in traffic :(
  16. OZChris

    [VIC] 2008 SS Sportwagon

    No longer forsale
  17. OZChris

    VE SSV lip spoiler

    ~$250 from your local dealer
  18. OZChris

    VE SSV lip spoiler

    Ends up fairly flush with the bottom. It probably makes it 2-3 mm lower.
  19. OZChris

    2008 Omega - how much should I pay?

    Seems like a big jump in $$$ from 2007 to 2008 Omegas - was there a spec change? +1, if you can afford it, go for a higher spec.
  20. OZChris

    Antenna boot mount UHF

    Have you tried Dick Smith or Jaycar? I have used a 'clamp' style bracket on sedans previously; like this one on eBay CB/UHF BOOT OR BONNET ANTENNA MOUNT - BRAND NEW - eBay, Other Radio Equipment, Radio Equipment, Electronics. (end time 20-Oct-09 21:12:47 AEDST)
  21. OZChris

    Post Pictures of your VE/WM here.

    Merry Christmas :)
  22. OZChris

    Started to vinyl wrap some interior trim

    Nice job, where did you order the vinyl from?
  23. OZChris

    Stock ve sv6 exhaust sound!!

    There was a set HSV mufflers on eBay earlier this week that didn't sell for $50.
  24. OZChris

    Stock ve sv6 exhaust sound!!

    I got them from a LS1 member, you could also try looking on eBay.
  25. OZChris

    Stock ve sv6 exhaust sound!!

    I have bought a VE HSV exhaust for the SS, thinking of putting the original exhaust on the SV6 :)
  26. OZChris

    Stock ve sv6 exhaust sound!!

    I drove a 12 month old VE SV6 last week, it sounded and went like crap compared to the new one. The six speed auto is also quite good; although not as smooth as the one in the BF2 Fairmont Ghia I just got out of.
  27. OZChris

    What were they thinking with some of those new colors!!!!

    I picked up my Poison Ivy SV6 yesterday - love the colour. It's interesting the comments I get; from 'great colour' to 'what were you smoking at the time you ordered it?'
  28. OZChris

    Stock ve sv6 exhaust sound!!

    I picked up my SV6 last night and I have to say the SIDI engine sounds pretty good :)
  29. OZChris

    shark fin aerial?

    I have a stubby on our Sportwagon - the reception is fine around town. It looks like it is made from aluminum with the correct thread and painted black.
  30. OZChris

    What were they thinking with some of those new colors!!!!

    +1 that's what I initially though. Liked the colour so much close up I ordered one :) Should have a Poison Ivy SV6 in 10 days :) +1, first thing when I get home, debadge it :)
  31. OZChris

    SV6 Ute 09

    Sorry, don't know
  32. OZChris

    SV6 Ute 09

    Assuming you mean driving lights, pull on the light switch.
  33. OZChris

    SV6 Ute 09

    From memory, the button just in front of the gear shift / lever.
  34. OZChris

    VE SS - why do you love it?

    We wanted to buy a wagon to lug around all the stuff relating to two kids, plus the wife said that she would only drive a wagon if it was manual :) So we got a SS Sportwagon :yeah:
  35. OZChris


    Some 'cheap' takeoff on eBay at the mo, both RE050As and the new Yokohama S-221s - both in 245/45-18.
  36. OZChris


    I paid $350 for a 245/45-18 RE050A recently - certainly not the $500 plus mentioned above.
  37. OZChris

    My brand new Ve SV6

    Can I ask why you decided to take the HSV mufflers off?