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  1. Heron SSV

    Solar power experience.

    Whats the cost for that install? I had a sales guy come round on Sat, quote for 10.23kW system with 31 QCell Maxx 330 panels and 10kW Sungrow inverter is $9,450. Reckons that will get my bills to basically zero, ROI is 2.7 years. Sales rep said AGL have one of the best feed tarrifs at the...
  2. Heron SSV

    Solar power experience.

    Just a light dig on this thread, anyone have any updated info or suggestions on solar systems? I'm balls deep in research to try and work out a rough idea of what I need and to have some relevant questions to ask companies I will be getting quotes from. Too many companies out there to make a...
  3. Heron SSV

    6Ltr 307 or 6.2Ltr 317?

    LS3's have better heads, with square ports, similar to the L76/L77/L98. LS2 heads are similar to LS1's, they're cathedral ports. Square port heads flow better, especially with forced induction. A cheap upgrade for LS2's back in the day were to put a set of L98 heads on for a little extra power...
  4. Heron SSV

    Potential lockdown - What are your projects?

    I'll continue chipping away at the VK. Need to drop the diff oil now it's run in and put some fresh stuff in, drop the trans fluid and clean out the pan and install a temp sensor, paint the SL door moulds and put on, get the rear guards rolled, strip and paint a set of 14 inch chasers and get...
  5. Heron SSV

    VK petrol tank options

    All live axle Commodore tanks fit. IRS up to VS fit but I think you need to modify one of the straps. I have a VN V8 tank in my VK, bolted straight in. Need to cut about 40mm off the bottom of the filler neck to fit. My fuel guage is working correctly as well.
  6. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    Thanks mate. Ended up staying with the stock SL look, I'm happy with how it turned out. Now I'm sorting out the little things that need tidying up.
  7. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    A couple of pics as requested:
  8. Heron SSV

    LS3 CAM 224/228 OR 224/232 CHOICE

    IMO its not worth doing as part of a smallish cam upgrade due to the cost, if you were after max power with a big cam and wanted to stay NA and were chasing every last hp, thats a different story. If the lifters needed to be changed I'd probably just get them decked a little to bump up...
  9. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    VK is rego'd and on the road. It's getting hot when cruising so planning on swapping out the radiator. Going to try a cheap alloy one to begin with and see how it goes. Other than that it's awesome to drive, goes like the clappers. Converter flares to 3800 so there's bulk wheel spin when I plant...
  10. Heron SSV

    L98 8/71 heads

    Factory L98 ones are fine. If you are chasing big power on a built engine you could go for a set of Higgins CNC heads, but the factory ones flow well, even with blowers/turbos. Make sure you get the right blower manifold to match the ports. Wouldnt hurt to throw on a fresh gasket either.
  11. Heron SSV

    LS3 CAM 224/228 OR 224/232 CHOICE

    I'd get some advice from other workshops before dropping $2k on lifters. If I was spending that I'd rather get a set of CNC heads installed and do the lifters then, the heads would be off anyway so theoretically it wont be $2k for lifters. Also, if you're only looking for a little more...
  12. Heron SSV

    Cammed LS1 Auto/Stally too big?

    Dyno's are a tuning tool and figures can vary greatly, the only thing to look at really is the increase depending if any mods were done. I have a stock LS3 in a VK with a 3700 converter and TH400, it made 240rwkw, same combo (intake and full exhaust, but with a standard 6 speed box and...
  13. Heron SSV

    Piston slap LS3 - this is very interesting

    A little off topic Ron, but I'm curious what temp yours runs at, seeing as you can see the actual coolant temp. Does it fluctuate much while driving?
  14. Heron SSV

    Cammed LS1 Auto/Stally too big?

    Why did you have it retuned? I assume you bought the car with the mods already done, was it an unfinished project? if it was tuned before, what were the figures then? It might be running out of fuel up top, or as mentioned before a blocked filter. Could also be the ingition system, might be the...
  15. Heron SSV

    2020 LS1 into VL Up to date thread

    Pacemaker are the best fit according to most of the reviews I've seen. Rod Shop can sometimes need some work to get them to fit, mainly around the steering rack intermediate shaft. I have CAE 1 3/4 tri y headers, I had to tap a few spots with a hammer to get enough clearence. Doing that doesnt...
  16. Heron SSV

    VF SS-V Redline (Series 1) - Rough idle and loss of power, no warning lights

    I've recently finished an LS3 into VK conversion, while it was being tuned it was running rough occasionally, the tuner swapped plugs and it didnt fix it, turns out the lead was faulty. Engine only has 39 thousand on it. Try pulling a spark lead off while its running rough and see if the engine...
  17. Heron SSV

    VH Commodore 426 Small block Chev build

    Cheers mate. I just got mine back from being tuned, stock LS3, 3800 converter, TH400 and BW diff. Made 320hp, same setup with a manual make high 300's, the TH400 and stall definitely suck some power out. Great time for your third run
  18. Heron SSV

    Emissions reduction for VAAS cert

    I've heard E85 can give a cleaner result for emissions testing
  19. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    The VK is finished mechanically, just got it back from the tuners. Made 240rwkw. Driveline is all complete, now it's onto the bodywork, then the interior. Not going with the Group A style, keeping it factory SL. Have painted the front and rear bumpers in MX Grey as I like the contrast with the...
  20. Heron SSV

    Trans for LSA VK

    TH400 would be sweet behind an LSA in a VK. I've got a TH400 in my VK behind an LS3, got it from Paul Rodgers in VIC. Built for 1100hp. VK's have bugger all weight in them so you wont need many gears with the torque the LSA puts out.
  21. Heron SSV

    VH Commodore 426 Small block Chev build

    +2 for rwhp figures, be interesting to see the drivetrain loss compared to the engine dyno figures
  22. Heron SSV

    Cam,heads,UD pulley...Happening tomorrow.

    Its a locker for your diff that works like a normal LSD round corners but locks up both wheels once you put the boot in. It's a mechanical center so it doesnt wear out and can take heaps of punishment. You'll never have to worry about one wheel spinning, go to...
  23. Heron SSV

    Cam,heads,UD pulley...Happening tomorrow.

    I'd say around the 450 mark then with that cam and heads plus yours being a manual. Should have some poke. Diff gears and a tru-trac would be a big improvement as well
  24. Heron SSV

    Cam,heads,UD pulley...Happening tomorrow.

    What cam are you going with? I'd say around the 430rwhp wiyth a mild cam and heads. The stock heads flow pretty well from factory, and unless you go for a large cam and bump up the compression I'd be surprised if you get any more.
  25. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    First drive
  26. Heron SSV

    Trouble With B&M Shifter into a VK

    Most if not all ratchet style shifters come with a variety of trans cable brackets to fit all types of auto boxes. The shifters themselves just bolt to a flat surface, so all you need to look for is one suited to a three speed box, and a shifter that you like.
  27. Heron SSV

    Trouble With B&M Shifter into a VK

    Here's the link to the one I've got: http://musclegarage.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=57_83&product_id=162 You could also jump on eBay and search for them. Make sure you get one for a VK though, the design changes from VL onwards
  28. Heron SSV

    Trouble With B&M Shifter into a VK

    You'll need a drop box so the shifter sits below the cover so only the lever sticks through the factory shifter hole. Easily done, google VK ratchet shifter and click on images. Drop box is about $150 on eBay. Also, put some heat proof sleeve on the shifter cable as they tend to melt without one.
  29. Heron SSV

    What I need to know about putting a LS3 in a VH SLE

    Engine, harness (will need to be modified), ECU, pedal (if staying with FBW), Tuff Mount engine mounts, Pacemaker headers (tri-y is easiest to fit), trans can be up to you depending what you want i.e. factory VF manual or auto (i went with a TH400 in my LS3 VK, fits straight in) plus a tail...
  30. Heron SSV

    Heron's VK SL Project

    Been a while in between updates. To date I've done the following: Full respray in white, except the bonnet and bumpers LS3 from a 2016 VF S2 SSVR Built TH400 from Paul Rogers and 4k Dominator stall Built Borg Warner diff is in, 3.9s, Harrop true track, 31 spline billet axles B&M Stealth...
  31. Heron SSV

    vk ls conversion

    I've got an LS3 in my VK and am using a VK 6 cyl radiator, the inlet/outlets are on the correct sides. I havent bought hoses yet, but like Keith said, use some wire to bend into the shape you need. I've seen some people either trim a hose to fit, or join two to make it long enough or into the...
  32. Heron SSV

    remove ve fuel tank

    I'm sure rognmonstarpir4tevald261 could give you some more info if you PM him
  33. Heron SSV

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    I see nothing has changed with Pirate. What a surprise. Kia have seen an opening in the local market and jumped on it. There isnt too many other offerings in that large four door performance segment for people to buy around the $50k mark (round figures). The car will probably respond well to...
  34. Heron SSV

    Enroh's 69 Camaro!

    Welcome back Enroh.... Turbo the 468
  35. Heron SSV

    VH commodore LS1 swap

    Easy is relative, and one persons idea of easy can be hard to another. You have a coupe of options, easiest for rego purposes would be an early 308 swap, or a later model injected 304 swap. The latter would mean you'll need the extra pollution gear and electrical (wiring and computer) stuff to...
  36. Heron SSV

    Is this a good deal for a gts r

    Have you thought about swapping the cam for a more suitable one and a decent tune? Would probably transform the car and make it more enjoyable to drive
  37. Heron SSV

    ZB Commodore Section or Not

    Old model has finished production, put up an end date. New model is out, put up a new section with a start date. Leave what’s there as is. I go to the latest posts page when I’m on the site, and I read threads I’m interested in, regardless of what sub forum or category they’re in. It’s not that...
  38. Heron SSV

    Fitting Ve hsv front seats

    I’ll shoot you a PM about the seats
  39. Heron SSV

    Fitting Ve hsv front seats

    Do you still have the VL seats? are you looking to get rid of them?
  40. Heron SSV

    Fitting Ve hsv front seats

    What colour blue? normal blue or cerulean? The only set that i've seen recently that have been in decent condition (clean and no holes/rips) were out of a Calais and the guy wanted 800, not negotiable. I'd probably spend a bit more and get mine re trimmed if I was going to spend that much. I'm...