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  1. VYSHSV8

    due date for tune sidi sv6?

    You Sir have no farkin idea at all.... Mace does mail order, Dale does a custom end of story..... You can go the bang theory if you want when you do your cams....
  2. VYSHSV8

    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    YouTube - IMG 0023
  3. VYSHSV8

    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    Get some fatter rubber under the rear please ya lightweight :lol:
  4. VYSHSV8

    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    Cant help it my foot slipped:thumbsup::thumbsup: again
  5. VYSHSV8

    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    He uses swissvax products, as my wife is the 1 who normally details it when he is to lazy, but this time we got Des from autoFX to do a full polish/rotary style/machine as my wife works for auto fx as well or she gives him advice he forgot 1 pic though when it is [parked atm right next to mine...
  6. VYSHSV8

    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    Looking good Deano :):)
  7. VYSHSV8

    hey much does the trans hold?

    If you put 5ltrs of trans oil in you will over fill it by about 2 ltrs you gotta remember that is including the torque converter as well, when you do a trans service you in general only drop the amount of oil in the pan and that is about 2.5ltrs the converter holds the rest and wont drain unles...
  8. VYSHSV8

    VY Berlina V8 ??

    Like mine.. if only the wife would let me get rid of the rear spoiler
  9. VYSHSV8

    About to do my 1st Oil change

    Penrite and a genuine filter for me, actually the genuine filters are cheaper than the aftermarket ones...except the el-cheapo black and gold ones lol
  10. VYSHSV8

    What does a VY SS front bumper fit ?

    Yes you did mate(bought 1 on e-bay) and you are correct any vy exec to vyss including series II but not the calais berlina stato as you have said as they have different headlights..
  11. VYSHSV8

    VYII Suspension

    Thanks for that new it was one of them..
  12. VYSHSV8

    VYII Suspension

    Dont forget some of the Berlinas came with a suspension pack named FE1.5 as well not as harsh as FE2.. This is what I have been told so dont quote me on this..
  13. VYSHSV8

    Opening stock airbox VYSS

    Sorry my stuff up 3 bolts as Doctor B says just move all the piping and you are there, the coolant line can be lifted and moved and the other wire IAT sensor can be unplugged if you want to I normally dont worry about it there is enough movement to do what you need to..
  14. VYSHSV8

    Opening stock airbox VYSS

    4 Screws hold the lid on and a bit of fiddling gets them off done it heaps of times you can actually pull the overflow bottle out if you want they are push and pull item..
  15. VYSHSV8

    WA Police Minister to ban Radar/Laser detector ownership

    Sent both of them an email this is basically what I said Michelle, If you bann these it just says it all YOU DONT GIVE A **** ABOUT PEOPLE AND THERE LIVES AND IT IS ALL ABOUT REVENUE RAISING AND SPENDING THE MONEY ON PAY RISES NOT ROAD SOLVING PROBLEMS, trust me I used to work on...
  16. VYSHSV8

    Top Speed

    Yes have done it that way myself as you said by holding down tha buttons cant remember what the speedo goes to on a clubby but the friend I reffered to has seen it stop and he continued to get faster it stopped at the same speed as the speedo.. Cheers drew
  17. VYSHSV8

    Top Speed

    The last number on mine is 240 but actually reads to 250( 2 digits below the 240) where SS's read to 260 the digital speedo can be put up on the screen though to have it done permanently you need tech2 but have a friend in the territory in his VYII Clubby and his digital speedo still stops at...
  18. VYSHSV8

    Top Speed

    No definately 250 the speedo goes to not 260 like the ss, and the 412 is correct I set it with HPT not that it will ever go that fast :yeah:
  19. VYSHSV8

    tyre pressure wars

    I run 40psi fron 235/45/17 rear 38 psi 255/40/17 rear do goto 44 when loaded fronts are original Potenza re030 and have 36k on the clock inside wear due to wife hinting kerb and knocking wheel alibhnment out and me to lazy to get it adjusted and they still have 35% inside and 60% middle so if...
  20. VYSHSV8

    Top Speed

    My VYII SV8 M6 is limited to 412km/hr but only had it off the clock a couple of times on NT roads speedo runs out at 250 so dont know how fast I was doing
  21. VYSHSV8

    VY SS Gen III Engine Whine?

    He wishes and so do I :D :D :D :D although it is alot noisier than my wine, it will be investigated will get him over again shortly and check belt and pulleys.. Didn't have enough time the other day was busy doing a radio install on a very tidy VL Berlina 88 Wagoon with 110000k on the clock...
  22. VYSHSV8

    VYSS346's ...03 VYSS

    Yes there is a heap of Nice rides in WA now and the scene is getting stronger by the day VERY NICE RIDE MATE
  23. VYSHSV8

    Bug Stains....

    hey Lish my wife does it for a living as well, detailing that is thats why my car is usually spickand span, she didn't do as many a day as you but has 4 limos each week to keep clean and the bosses cars as well..... would be good to see a dedicated detailing and problem solving section set-up...
  24. VYSHSV8

    Lowering a VY II Berlina (V8 5.7)

    If you are worried go over the pits and have them attach it to your rego as ok, thats what we do over here, technically any mod other than factory is illegal but if it passes the pits and you have all the mods listed and carry a copy in your glovebox then the police should have no worries with...
  25. VYSHSV8

    VY SS Gen III Engine Whine?

    Don't worry mate mine has made the same noise since new yes it sounds like a baby gilmer set-up and mate you know what mine goes like don't you, hope you had a great chrissy and we can catch up shortly for a beer or 2 maybe tomoz depending what you are doing Ben will be over here as well...
  26. VYSHSV8

    M6 noise in low gears,

    The Boxes are as noisy as all F to start with mine has been noisy since new get a good quality synthetic trans oil put in it will quieten it and the changes will be smoother..
  27. VYSHSV8

    Suspension Lowering

    Have pedders superlows on my SV8 thats the model before Race series can get bpart numbers if needed rides fine have to do the shocks soon been lazy bought mine of e/bay for a bargain of 100 front and rear fitted them myself ( mechanical background well actually 6 yrs worth) had 1000k's only on...