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    Almost stalling at when taking off

    Hi all, Just got my car started after it sitting for a few months, it had this problem before i left it but now i am wanting to get it running again and hopefully get some help for this problem. What is happening is, the car will run fine, but when you go to take off and give it some gas...
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    Youtube.com and the like videos. - KEEP IT LEGAL PLEASE!

    Not sure if this was posted here or not but i am going to share anyway 5-KTqdy1R54
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    1984 VH BT1 Commodore

    Nice mate she is clean as.
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    what did you do to your car today?

    My new hub-caps arrived in the mail today so i painted them and put them on the car.
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    My Perfect Blue SV6 Ute

    Nice mate, looks really good. Fits really nicely. :)
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    Do you like the look of ceptrors? POLL

    I do like them, but then again i have them on my car as well. I run VE 16x7 black stockies on my VH and think it looks good. they have 215 tires on them, center caps for them are on order which i will then paint black.
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    WK Grange 0010

    Daamn thats nice.
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    Dumb things you've done working on a car?

    Snapped a water pump bolt on my old merc and got it stuck in the block boy was that a bitch to get out.
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    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    People who pull out infront of you, was about 1 inch from losing my bumper bar on friday
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    My Perfect Blue SV6 Ute

    Looks good. Any change you can take a pic of the whole interior in one shot? Would like to see what it looks like completely
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    Low, Superlow or Ultra Low??

    It's got 16inch ve interceptors on it. 215 tires
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    Low, Superlow or Ultra Low??

    Hi all, Just a quick question, I'm about to buy a set of springs for my car, and am wondering what to buy, i want it to be legal and i enjoy driving on dirt roads so i want to still be able to do that without any problems. Will low be good enough and give it a somewhat decent drop or should i...
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    Vh Gassers budget build

    Tempting, you got pics of your spare one and what needs welding on it? Might be interested
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    Vh Gassers budget build

    Nice and tidy mate, i like it! Need to get myself a high rise center console, just can't find the damn things anywhere.
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    what did you do to your car today?

    Fixed the stereo after it shat itself
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    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    That sucks mate. I always try and park in the back of the car park or where there are not as many cars, still get people hitting their ####ing doors on my car..
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    My 1982 Sl Vh Commodore, BEFORE AND AFTER!! ( Still in progress.

    He had some up and now they are gone dunno what happened....
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    My VH SL

    Haha, send me your number and I'll invite you next time :P Got a bit bored today so i decided i would make a drive by video for fun. ksSZ7BJQRrw 0:55, 1:40, 2:20 for drive by
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    Here's my little boy (he thinks he's a big boy though lol) a maltease x shih zhu, got him from someone who didn't give a **** about him and he had not been house trained or socialized we basically had to start training him as you would a puppy when he was 1 years old. He's a little terror but...
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    Awww she looks like a big softie :D
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    My VH SL

    Thanks mate, got them from Rare Spares, cost $70 for the front and rear, tried fitting them myself but it's a bitch and for $30 figured it would be easier to have it done professionally.
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    Listening to right now?

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    My VH SL

    Got the chrome locking strips installed today cost $30 to install, not bad!! Then we went for a cruise to celebrate lol
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    Automotive Porn - read rules in first post

    Had to share, took this today while cruising on a road in the middle of nowhere, looks like a old celica..
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    My vc commodore!

    Very nice and tidy mate, but personally i would lose the rims, just don't look right, but that's just my opinion. :)
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    what did you do to your car today?

    Gave it a wash today just after it looked like it was going to rain but didn't. Other than that it got drove about 20kms.
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    what did you do to your car today?

    Replaced my water pump belt after it blew on me last night, lucky a guy let me park it in his yard so it wasn't on a main road over night
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    my vh

    I quite like the chrome bar painted, wouldn't do it myself but it fits well. Just need to add more chrome now :P
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    Parked like an idiot....

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    Chrome trim around front + rear windows

    Yeah mate just the SL trim, thanks for the info should be able to tackle this one myself cheers guys :)
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    Chrome trim around front + rear windows

    Hey all, just got a quick question about the chrome trim around the front and rear windows mine is all faded away and looks like crap so I've just ordered a set front and rear, just wondering i was told i might need a special tool to get the new strip in is this true? if so what kind of tool...
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    VH SLE- 5.0 Single Tone vs 4.2 Shadow Tone?

    Both :) Drive one put the other in the shed
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    Kempy's VH SL/E 355i

    Nice mate looks great done a great job!! Looking forward to seeing it with its motor in now :D
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    The Tattoo Thread

    Haven't had any done yet but am planning on getting a couple done soon. Getting one drawn up now of a Moreton Bay Fig.
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    253 VH Vactioner

    Hey mate seen you driving around a few times recently hows the car going? you still planning on selling it?
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    My 82 VH Project

    Depends mate, I've seen sets of SLE trim for under $500 on ebay before, since your in SA there are lots of local swap meets have seen full interiors there before as well pretty cheap, just a matter of looking around. You could always get it custom made from your original trims or try it...
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    My VH SL

    Thanks mate. Yeah figured it would be nice to be a bit different. gasser - A cruise sounds good, always wanted to do one just for the old commies
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    I work for a council but not doing roads. Take pictures of the round about and no visible signs or reflectors and hand it all over to them, don't be an asshole because they will only make it harder for you, we get so much **** its nice to have someone be nice to you once in a while you will be...
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    Vh Gassers budget build

    Looking good mate, i have a similar wheel in my car just a lighter colour.