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  1. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    Thread revival, because why not, and I forgot I'd posted it. Thought I should update for anyone that comes across this thread in a search. The pulsing brake issue was fixed by replacing the rear brake rotors and pads. I did that about a year ago and it's been fine since.
  2. Waughy

    2004 Vz Acceleration delay and shake

    Had a similar thing with my VZ a few years ago. One of the coils was bad. Idled fine and drove normal until it got to 80, then it would start to hesitate.
  3. Waughy

    Guys I’m trying to find out was there a vp ss bt1?

    I don't think they cared too much about that. As far as I know the main reason for it was driver comfort. Only the highway patrol cars got the SS seats due to the driver's being in them for so long each day. At least they kept them uniform and didn't just replace the driver's seat.
  4. Waughy

    Guys I’m trying to find out was there a vp ss bt1?

    You could say that, but they aren't factory SS models with items deleted. They are Execs optioned with SS seats, FE2 suspension, and whatever else is fitted that's not standard Exec equipment.
  5. Waughy

    Vz missing at around 80k and underload. Diagnostic plz help

    My wagon did similar a few years ago. Would run ok, and then every now and then it would hesitate and run rough under load. Ended up being a bad coil pack. My parents had the car at the time (registered to me but Dad had it for 10 years) and ended up getting talked into doing all 6 as "it was...
  6. Waughy

    False Fuel Gauge Reading

    Didn't realise yours is a VE, but you're right, ohms is ohms, just need to know what wires I'm checking to be sure I'm getting ground where I should be, and not where I shouldn't.
  7. Waughy

    False Fuel Gauge Reading

    Nice thread, thanks for sharing your problem and findings. I’m sus about the low readings in my VZ wagon, it seems to drop pretty quick after I get the low level warning, and the very low level warning comes up not long after. I have replaced the cluster with a Calais model, and I programmed...
  8. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    There’s a post on another forum where someone measured the bolts, so I’ll try the local bolt specialist for some. Are they torqued the same as the originals, minus the extra turn? I’ve seen a few posts saying do one at a time, which is how I was thinking of doing it anyway. Did your original...
  9. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    Shocks are top of the list, just need to get the funds to buy what I want. Rears are stuffed to so doing the 4 in one hit. I'll get new top mounts for the fronts so I can assemble them beforehand, then fitting them will be a piece of cake.
  10. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    I have a choice of 2 Pedders stores in my area. One I used to go to and they were always good, but that was 20 years ago. I went to the other one on recommendation that the other one had gone to **** and these guys were great. Other than the report they gave me putting me off, the owner didn't...
  11. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    Pedders told me my strut tops were like that, but they were nice and flush when I looked at them. They also tried to tell me the rubber ones I fitted were cheap **** and that's why they were stuffed already (they'd been in 4 weeks). When I had the new tyres fitted the wheels were rotated too...
  12. Waughy

    Rear cross member front mount bolts, and brake issue.

    I recently got my old VZ wagon back from my parents. It's been in the family for 10 years now, and apart from needing new coil packs about a year ago it has been a good car. I recently had it inspected at a local Pedders as I'm having a bit of trouble with brake shudder/pulsing, and in the list...
  13. Waughy

    Holden already in the crap... and local production hasn't even ended yet.

    Having leased one of each I can sort of agree, having read many horror stories myself, but also disagree slightly after my own experiences. My Captiva was a 2007 diesel LX. In the 5 years I had it I only had 2 issues, both caused headaches though. It spat a lifter with 80,000k on the clock...
  14. Waughy

    Post Pictures of your VZ here.

    Love the HBD L series wheels. Had them on my old VZ Calais. Damn I miss that car. Currently got an Exec wagon, will find some pics to put up. Nothing special.
  15. Waughy

    Vz fuel issues

    Pretty sure it's only a HSV thing. No idea how it actually works, but after using the Envyous Customs VT-VZ body diagnostics program to set up my Calais dash that's in my Exec wagon, I do know there is an option to turn it on/off. Sounds like the Op may have fitted a HSV dash. If so it probably...
  16. Waughy

    VY V6 into 1928 Ford - some ECU/BCM advice needed

    Talk to Tazzl from Envyous Customs about the airbags. His software can program the SRS configuration in the cluster, so it can be set for no airbags, and should stop the SRS warning. If it's not that simple he might have some ideas on what to do.
  17. Waughy

    VZ Calais Dash Cluster Needle Sweep

    Try user Tazzl from Envyous customs, he would probably know. I recently picked up an ALDL cable from him with the VT-VZ body diagnostics software to program the Calais cluster I fitted to my wagon. Didn't see any settings for anything like that, so may not be possible. My Cruze does it though.
  18. Waughy

    Can't find the leak!!!

    I had issues with my VZ Calais LS1 when I had it, ended up being the water pump, well the gasket. Was leaking from the bottom where the pump bolts onto the motor. Was losing coolant pretty quick, the car overheated a couple of times before I found the leak.
  19. Waughy

    Alloytec Timing Chains

    Very good idea on the thermostat. Didn't think about it but definitely something to do with the motor out, way easier than with it in. A shame it ended up in such a bad spot, did the designers just not think that the motors might be used in a N-S orientation.
  20. Waughy

    Hates/Dislikes about the VF SII

    I hate that I can't afford one (building a house, and other debts). I'm looking to maybe be in a position to shop around in the next 2 years or so. Will be looking at a CalaisV in Son Of A Gun grey. So far I haven't come across anything that's put me off the few times I've been able to look one...
  21. Waughy

    Alloytec Timing Chains

    A mate was recently looking at a 2005 VZ Calais and we looked into the issue and found the following info: "In January 2006, 7.7 mm inverted tooth timing chains were introduced for the Alloytec V6 engines, replacing 9.5 mm pitch roller chains. For some – but not all – of these timing chains, the...
  22. Waughy

    MY17 Son of a gun SSV Redline Sportwagon

    Love it, looks sweet, great choice on the paint, it's now my pick if I'm ever in a position to update. Too much going on so a new car is out of the question unfortunately. I'll be looking at a MY17 CalaisV in this colour. Prussian Steel has been top of my list for a while, but this trumps it...
  23. Waughy

    high beams have s**t them selves

    Good find, nice to hear you got it sorted, and it wasn't a big job to repair.
  24. Waughy

    high beams have s**t them selves

    Have you checked the fuses? I found this bit of info that might help: "When you flash the high beams it doesn't actually send power through the high beam fuse or relay. It simply parallels the highs and lows together And everything is fed through the low beam circuit. Your high beam fuse could...
  25. Waughy

    V8 4.9l pollution schematic required

    No worries. If you get stuck with anything I'll see if I can help.
  26. Waughy

    V8 4.9l pollution schematic required

    Here you go. These are from my old VL when I had to sort it out, was a real shitfight when I bought it. The manual helped me get it sorted, pics are from my car. Hope it's useful to you.
  27. Waughy

    Vz fuel issues

    https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/attachments/dash-dtcs-vz-2-pdf.177643/ According to this that code is for the tyre pressure monitor system. My car had an issue last year where it would be hesitant occasionally, felt like it was starving for fuel under load. Never had any starting issues...
  28. Waughy

    , NSW

    , NSW
  29. Waughy

    vz calais 190kw v6 to v8 conversion

    Personally I'd go looking for a factory V8 rather than waste my time converting a V6 (unless I was fitting an LS2/3 for something unique and uncommon), but seeing as that's not what you want to hear I won't go on about it. I take it you have a gearbox and tail shaft (I'm thinking with the V8...
  30. Waughy

    What 6L motor to drop into vz wagon

    Think Steve's got the numbers mixed up. The 6L in the 2006 VZ sedan is the L76. The L98 was only released in the SS ute, and is basically an L76 minus the displacement on demand hardware as the feature wasn't enabled on either motor. More info here...
  31. Waughy

    vt super6 or vs 5l?

    Sorry, that's what I've always called the supercharged V6, or L67 motor. To the OP, if you're just looking for something different to the Aussie V8, then maybe look at an LS1. Again the fuel economy isn't greatly different to the V6, better than the old V8 and has more power. If you like the...
  32. Waughy

    Vz running rough when overtaking or going up hills not misfiring either

    Off the top of my head I can't honestly remember, I don't think it did though. I only recall it hesitating under load and me going WTF? Come to think of it, the tacho dropped, rather than jumping up, I was hoping wouldn't stall in the middle of busy traffic.
  33. Waughy

    vt super6 or vs 5l?

    Never owned an EFI 5L, but had a VL with the carby 8. Had extractors and exhaust plus a reproduction inlet manifold that looked like the factory one but had the Brock two hole inlet and ribbed floor of the inlet chamber. I loved driving it, went well and sounded fantastic. Also had a VT S with...
  34. Waughy

    Vz running rough when overtaking or going up hills not misfiring either

    My wagon did this about 6 months ago, can't recall if the tacho did what yours has been doing, no warning lights etc though. Had the hesitation when accelerating, I thought fuel filter or plugs. Ended up being a bad coil pack. Had the 6 done, has been running great since.
  35. Waughy

    Body Diagnostics - VT,VX,VY,VZ

    Anyone know if this runs on Windows 10? Considering buying to sort out my Calais dash that a local guy couldn't program properly. Edit: Installed onto a Surface 3 tablet running Windows 10 and all seems good so far. Installed and runs up without any issues, just waiting on my cable before I...
  36. Waughy

    high beams have s**t them selves

    I'd try another stalk first. From memory (owned a few VL's but been a while since the last one) going to high beam turns off low beam, so when you are going to high beam and losing all lights when you release the stalk it sounds like the connection is breaking. The fact that high beam works when...
  37. Waughy

    Urgent: Need help to ID a part from the past.

    Pic didn't work, but a quick Google search of the part number suggests it's a convertible top lock to suit a Galaxie. Hope that helps. Here's one that was for sale on ebay...
  38. Waughy

    V8 Engine Vibration

    Is the exhaust secure? I had a 5L VL Calais years ago (wish I'd kept it) and didn't have any issues like you are. Just trying to think what else it could be before pointing at the engine (internally). Another VL I owned had an annoying buzz at certain revs, don't recall any vibtration, but it...
  39. Waughy

    vx berlina radiator fan not coming on.

    If the oil and coolant look ok, check under the oil cap. If there's milky sludge under there then it's possible the inlet manifold gaskets could be up for replacing. Does it require a top up once a week or so? My old Acclaim would beep HOT and the temp would shoot up, then come back down when I...
  40. Waughy

    [QLD] Wrecking VT, VX, VY and VZ Commodores (All V6 Sedans)

    Do you have any inlet manifold bolts from the VT motor? Doing the gaskets on my VX and found a bolt missing when taking the manifold off. Not having much luck tracking one down. Express post to Newcastle. Need this thing running again for a pink slip before rego runs out at the end of the month.