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  1. mpower

    Opinion needed - SSV instrument cluster

    getting closer to a redline every day get the red done to the mylink as well. one of these next https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Badge-SSV-Redline-Series-for-Holden-VE-VF-VF2-Series-II-SS-SSV-Redline/172085149275?hash=item281112fe5b:g:3~YAAOSwi2VfCUIg&frcectupt=true
  2. mpower

    Vf sv6 tyres

    because if there was a variance they could cop very big fines.
  3. mpower

    Vf sv6 tyres

    The ADR changed and manufacturers are required by law to do this to comply with the standard. This also applies to the OP, who by making his speedo out could make his vehicle unroadworthy. This could attract a defect notice if the speedo no longer meets the standard set out in the ADR...
  4. mpower

    Gen-F Clubsport Tail Lights

    Clubsport lights have a bit of a teardrop shape. So yes, it's the bar and light.
  5. mpower

    J-LED Custom Paddle shift kit

    It would have been a factory option you'd think?
  6. mpower

    Vf sv6 tyres

    It is compliance not practice, this is an important thing to note because without this guidance manufacturers would not do this they are more than capable of making speedo's accurate. Also variances have been demonstrated to vary between manufacturers. Toyota in particular have been noted as...
  7. mpower

    Vf sv6 tyres

    it's not "industry practice" it's a legal requirement.
  8. mpower


    that certainly is a description, got me beat can't think of any humming noises. Do you feel anything (other than dread) when the noise happens, like is it a vibration? only thing i can thing is that perhaps at those k's the engine mounts or something are worn and you are getting a vibration.
  9. mpower

    VF Calais flat battery with auto start

    sounds pretty weird, you should have just been able to press the stop/start button again.
  10. mpower


    ah yes the infamous "noise" dude, try and be more descriptive please.
  11. mpower

    VF2 SS - Black edition

    ah yes children, disgusting creatures. hahaha. Shame for you the alcantara is very swish.
  12. mpower

    VF2 SS - Black edition

    have you considered the alcantara trim across the dash and through the doors? these bits are kind of cheap and pretty nice. Like this but SS logo...
  13. mpower

    Buying a car from interstate

    you quoted something i said in June, things clearly have changed since then - so yeah - DUH!?
  14. mpower

    VF2 SS - Black edition

    you're going to have to put Redline badges on it soon if you keep going.
  15. mpower

    Buying a car from interstate

    well duh? I think the whole covid thing negates most interstate plans. It's not the normal out there, deal with it.
  16. mpower

    BREAKING NEWS: I'm going for good this time for good

    probably can't leave, mum took the Bora keys back.
  17. mpower

    VZ 190 220kw Possible?

    yeah but the old straight 6's were worth playing with - and cheap to get good results. mine was cammed, high compression heads, triple carbs, pacemaker headers fiddled with diff ratios - the V6 in the VZ is a bit of a disappointing unit until you spend megabucks on a turbo or maybe the...
  18. mpower

    VZ 190 220kw Possible?

    get some good suspension and brakes before you wrap it round a tree by going full mang. trust me.
  19. mpower

    Underbody Aero Panels

    if you think these underbody panels that are the subject of this thread are even close to this you are kidding yourself.
  20. mpower

    Why do people overprice their Commodores

    i found them quite light as opposed to cars released not long after - the worm and shaft steering went ok.
  21. mpower

    Cracked Chrome Trim on Lower Front Grill on VFII SV6

    without reading the thread too much i would be prepared to say defect. The chrome trim around my passengers side air vent went like this. I ordered another one from eBay which is also like this so annoying. had to get a refund. Got a third incoming hopefully the chrome isn't lifting on that one.
  22. mpower

    Why do people overprice their Commodores

    cashed up? My first car was a hand me down HD.
  23. mpower


    i'm with you here, alternator recos are trivial. i have a hard time believing you can't get the brushes and bearings for the VF unit.
  24. mpower

    Why do people overprice their Commodores

    isn't rosy? I disagree, Holden's will just be the exclusive domain of enthusiasts. To me that's a bonus. Sounds like you can't wait to move on, personally I've only ever owned Holden - never considered anything else.
  25. mpower

    Why do people overprice their Commodores

    There are many other cars out there, but Holden's still hold a place for a lot of us.
  26. mpower

    Underbody Aero Panels

    i'm still laughing. ground effect from some underbody panels was my favourite part.
  27. mpower

    what oil suits a VT 5.7lt clubbie with 175klm on it? ☆PLZ HELP?

    Just use what is recommended pretty much. So full synth 5W30 or 5W40 - my preference is Penrite HPR5. Don't fall into the use heavy oil trap. 173,000 isn't that high anyway. My VXII was still using HPR5 up to and over 230,000. If you feel the urge maybe 10W40 but i'd really not go over that, So...
  28. mpower

    Steering issue

    ah not a chance they are factory fit.
  29. mpower

    VZ Exhaust

    also investigate "diff gears" as people call them - might give you what you want. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/diff-gears.190316/
  30. mpower

    Battery charger/trickle charger

    that's not what safety switches are for. safety switches go when there is already fusion to stop the place burning down. you want surge protection. BIG difference. with a decent charger removing the terminals is definitely not needed. as for jump start points under the bonnet - well you...
  31. mpower

    Steering issue

    i did this, GM agreed to pay for it. need to get it aligned somewhere good though not a tyre fitter or a crappy mechanic. OP take the car to a good suspension place and just get it looked at. Dunno who you have down there but here in Brissie I use Fulcrum.
  32. mpower

    ESC Competitive Mode

    should also make the steering heavier. Does on VF.
  33. mpower

    Why do people overprice their Commodores

    if they sell for that price, it's not overpriced.
  34. mpower


    budget, objective?
  35. mpower

    Strut top mount how to check if failing

    gaps are completely normal. get someone to turn your wheels full lock back and forth while you watch. just get a second opinion if you are concerned, but if they are indeed strut top mounts with 180,000 on them yeah they are probably due - and just about every other suspension component.
  36. mpower

    Perfecting Gear Changes in LS3

    this is me too :D
  37. mpower

    DEX-COOL or not for L77

    a more thorough writeup here - LS1 but the basics carry over. http://www.ls1.com/forums/f6/diy-cooling-sytem-flush-157898/
  38. mpower

    LS3 3rd set replacement lifters

    everyone else will you just need to shove most of them harder. i'd be going for a replacement engine myself but the OP might be over the car.
  39. mpower

    DEX-COOL or not for L77

    Ethylene glycol has a boiling point of 198 degrees Celcius. https://science.jrank.org/pages/2587/Ethylene-Glycol.html