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    need help on this noise last waranty chance

    Awesome... Thanks mate much appreciated. Would it be worth buying a better one and get them to install that, not sure if they would do that, I take my own oil...
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    need help on this noise last waranty chance

    hi guys I have my last service coming up and the Ute is out of warranty, hopefully one of you guys will be able to tell me what this noise is. Its only on start up and it would do it every now and then but now every time i start it, it makes a chirping sound and goes for a few minutes before...
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    JC Looking Weird

    I've noticed over a few days some changes but today its all over the place
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    Spare "surf" key for VF

    I was in the same predicament I ended up getting a key safe FAR KING KEY SAFE
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    E85 Race Tune Pirate may have been right!

    In mine after about 4 tanks of e85 mine starts like it's got a flat batery, put 98 back in and fires instantly, I believe pirate says it can fixed with a tune. Edit- just reading above might give caltex stuff a go and see if I have the same problem
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    OBD2 Software

    I have found dash command to be very good Home - Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.
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    What are you showing with your ODB-II sensor?

    This is the one I got Wifi ELM327 Wireless Obdii Auto Scanner Adapter Scan Tool Fits Iphone Ipad BY | eBay I have a V8 but I'm sure it will work on yours as I have used it to clear faults on my VZ work wagon with out a problem.
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    What are you showing with your ODB-II sensor?

    I have a cheapo ebay ELM327 Wifi not Bluetooth works with iPhone and iPad or PC, using Dash Command every thing works a treat
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    Fuel Consumption with E85

    Yep.... When I have put in 3 tanks of e85 in a row I have trouble starting, it starts like it's got a flat battery actually thought it was the battery filed it up with PULP and back to starting fine, I have replicated the problem a few times.
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    VE vs VE Z series

    My MY12 Thunder has the small holed tweeters and also the traction control light displays on the cluster and when TC is off it puts the orange symbol on the cluster as well, so maybe some of these changes started before the Z MY 12.5 series ?
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    Exhausts, Which one?

    Hurricane !!! :smoking:
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    Poor Radio Reception VE SV6 SII

    You can get a aerial from Mazda its for a cx7 or similar it costs $22 its shorter than a stock one and works 100 times better , i can now pick up Brisbane radio on goldcost and vice versa Sent from my RM-941_apac_australia_new_zealand_236 using Tapatalk
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    My Ride...

    Never seen the exhausts coming out there before looks good, is that an aftermarket bumper or do you make it ?
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    Engine light on

    Could be your O2 sensors where they plug into your exhaust after the cats, could be knackered or maybe loose... worth a look I guess
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    OBD II Dongle/VCM OTR Install

    There is you need the wifi one, the one linked above has a wifi version, that's the one you need. Also the CD that comes with it has a few cracked versions of various software but be aware mine was riddled with virus and malware I use the wifi OBD Elm with dash command and it works great a...
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    Nice update to OBD II DashCommamd

    Awesome !! looks great cant wait to get home and have a fiddle :P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Vf sv6 ute

    Looks great mate :) congrats on the new purchase One thing though I would never park it in a car space with anyone either side of me, I would be out on the road with no one near me, the missus gets the shits big time with my parking :P
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    Mods begin? Brakes, Wheels and other q's

    They will not fit behind Thunder rims If you don't want to buy new rims and are happy to look at other brakes I believe XYZ brakes fit behind the thunder rims and also AP Racing brakes
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    Driving lights

    Good point, I also think it would need some kind of dimming switch so they come on at half power, those DRLs would be retina burning at night.
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    e85 in my ve ssv?

    Interesting my S2 E85 compatible Ute did the same thing, have been using E85 maybe 1 tank in 5, but in the last couple of months have been using E85 and on about the forth tank it was getting rarely hard to start like it had a flat battery, ran 3 tanks of 98 through it and it starts instantly...
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    ssv vs ss thunder?

    Only difference is ssv has full leather seats thunder has leather bolsters Ssv has projector headlights thunder doesn't I think the ssv has a better stereo or maybe just a subwoofer thunder has no sub I think that's about it, they both have sat nav thunder has different wheels
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    Tax time and go fast bits

    My last years return took nearly two months, this years was done in five days and they were just simple ones I done myself. You may just be in a back log or they may be looking over your return with a 5.5k return that could be the case, I know of people who have had to wait for health...
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    I saw a white ssv sports wagon at Walkinshaw Ormeau yesterday getting the W310 package installed, so looks like people are dumping a extra 6.5 k on the mod :rofl:
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    VF Holden Commodore Issues and Faults

    What a classic, I just found this feature last week on my VE and didn't notice it in the 5 years I have had my VZ work wagon haha
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    Awesome deal I grabbed a spare one for my ute 6 months ago, bit of luck I will never have to use it
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    Chlorophyll SS Thunder Ute

    Thought i would give Plasti-Dip a bit of a whirl yesterday :) Started with masking and then gave each badge 4 coats, only gave the SS badge on back Two coats am going to have to re-do that one. Things I would do differently next time, maybe use a bit more masking tape or news paper as...
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    VE Series 2 OBDII reader??

    The OP has said he wants to use it with his iPhone Bluetooth will not work with a iPhone I have tried with a ELM327 Bluetooth, if its jailbroken you might get it working but I doubt it, wifi is the only one that will work with iphone
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    VE Series 2 OBDII reader??

    Make sure you get a wifi one as the Bluetooth one will not work with your iPhone, apples Bluetooth is locked down you may get it working on JB iPhone but will be more trouble than its worth.
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    The asbestos is safe its not the breathable stuff. Just standard headers mate would be good if someone could check their oil straight after a drive and see if it does the same as mine
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    Just to update had it looked at took it to for a drive with the Technician cold start and the knock was acknowledged and seems to be cold fuel knock or something it doesn't do it on E85 for some reason so am going to try different fuel and see if that makes a difference. As for the smoking...
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    2010 Ve SS with AFM What mods can I do

    Technically a manual does have AFM but its turned off in computer all the bits are there. No need for a tune with a full exhaust as it does nothing ? Are you tripping ?
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    Have anyone tried this self tuning package?

    On the first page if you scroll right down through all the bullshit there is a picture of what you get and it is a ELM327 OBD Dongle with their software lol a quote from the page However — TOAD can not download/upload the ECU data from/to the car. For that you'll need a separate Tuner kit below...
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    Wind noise?

    Your not alone mate mine does the same thing, had it investigated at first service said they tweaked the seal of course when I drove it home the noise was still there. I do like to drive in silence sometimes no music and just listen to the engine and I must say it does piss me off.
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    Hi davey All work and oil changes have been done at the dealership I brought it from
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    thing that worries me now is it most definitely says on invoice DEX 2 which i believe is a diesel engine oil as Sean says above.
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    Yer Will its booked for Thursday and am droping it there Wednesday so they take it for a spin when its cold to hopefully hear the noise
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    Maybe Im not sure what oil they have put in there but its had a few oil changes since I got it. Changed at 3000K service, had it changed at 7500K and the 9 month 15000K service was done a couple of weeks ago 9500K on clock. Note when I had the oil changes at 7500K at my expense on getting home...
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    Smoke from engine oil dipstick tube and dipstick

    Hi guys I have a MY12 SS thunder ute 9000ks on the clock. For a little while now i have been smelling oil inside the cabin when sitting at lights, didn't think much of it as it was just serviced and maybe a bit of oil splashed on the exhaust manifold, its had plenty of time to burn off but...
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    How many K's has your car done?

    I have had my Thunder just coming on 10 months and am at 9550ks, not going to let it crack 10K lol
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    Vf hsv

    I have been trying real hard to like the VF, the back is just well ummmmm hideous the R8 badge is to small O_o I like the interior that's about it.