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  1. helmotbros

    Unfortunate Names

    Knew an Asian bloke at school who's name was Harry Wang. Also had a teacher who's name was Saxon Bowles. He used to give it to the students even more than they gave it to him. He was a tough nut (couldn't help myself)
  2. helmotbros

    Battery vent tube in ute

    Thanks for the help blokes. Some numpty had ditched the tube when they put in the (wrong) previous battery. Good combo. Used some clear tube I found lying around in the toolbox to replace it. Piece of mind that's its right now.
  3. helmotbros

    Battery vent tube in ute

    Okay so it will be on the negative side then? I had a good look today but it was a bit hard with the stuff all space trying to squeeze behind the seats. Ill have another look tomorrow. No it didn't that's why I'm a little confused. It wasn't an original battery though. I'm wondering if the...
  4. helmotbros

    Battery vent tube in ute

    I think you misunderstood me. I was having electrical issues with my OLD battery so I put a NEW battery in but I can't see the vent tube to connect to the NEW battery.
  5. helmotbros

    Battery vent tube in ute

    Hey blokes, Not sure if this has been asked before. Already did a search with no success. Put a new varta e44 battery into the ute today as I've been having funny electrical issues that I can only put down to the battery. When I went to install it I couldn't see the vent tube for the battery...
  6. helmotbros

    HID headlights and fog lights for VE SS Z series

    Not legal Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
  7. helmotbros

    Tyre pressure monitor

    I'm pretty sure you can but the sender lives inside the rim so the tires and that have to come off on all 4. No idea on cost though.
  8. helmotbros

    Dream Car at Last 2008 VE SS-V Ute

    It's all straightened out now but not 100% happy with the paint repair. Already taken it back once cos they left a huge run in the paint. The other day I was washing it and you can feel a ridge where they've blended the paint back in to the panel so not happy about that. Ill be taking it back...
  9. helmotbros

    [TAS] WTB 1 x VE SSV rim

    ITEM: I'm after 1x Ssv rim to use as a spare wheel. No need for a tyre, just bare rim. LOCATION: Launceston, Tasmania CONDITION: Can have gutter rash. Just needs to be roadworthy. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel anywhere in Tas or pay for postage from the mainland for the...
  10. helmotbros

    VE window switch question

    Yea that's the one. 530t into a ve.
  11. helmotbros

    VE window switch question

    Could you do me a huge favour and share some of your infinite knowledge by sending me a pm of the wiring diagram??? Ill repay you in a thousand thankyous? Lol
  12. helmotbros

    VE window switch question

    http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=224165 Have a look at this thread. Tasmaniak says he will send a wiring diagram an says it's not too hard. Might be worth a try. I've been meaning to do this mod but haven't got around to it yet so not sure of difficulty.
  13. helmotbros

    VE window switch question

    Okay so you can find them cheaper than that aswell.
  14. helmotbros

    VE window switch question

    Yes there is. You can buy a module that will do it. The name escapes me right now. Ill have a think and let you know if someone else hasn't chimed in already. Edit: it's a dei 530t and they run about $140
  15. helmotbros

    Dream Car at Last 2008 VE SS-V Ute

    I had thought that initially but it's hard to see in the picture but the wheel and tire have gouges out of them. But yea hindsight tells me I should have done a quick price up. I also didn't know the other guys wasn't gonna care. I had left a note and he took ages to ring me.
  16. helmotbros

    Dream Car at Last 2008 VE SS-V Ute

    Well last week I came to the realisation that if I don't think I'll fit into a parking spot I should just keep driving... It pains me to say I hit an unkept Toyota celica in a car park trying to fit into a spot. Didn't help that my mate was being a ######## and standing in the parking space I...
  17. helmotbros

    Full Ute rear window vinal stickers... Colours? Prices etc?

    Hey mate just a bit of advice. I'm a designer for a living, furniture but do a lot of my own graphic work. A lot of what tinsnips says is on the money. Those examples you knocked up (I know they were probably done quick) were good when really simplified but you need to think about the...
  18. helmotbros

    VE (hopeful) mod list.

    FYI series 2 ssv rims won't clear brembos
  19. helmotbros

    Dream Car at Last 2008 VE SS-V Ute

    Haha thanks mate. I try hard at not trying hard :p I like stock looking utes. If I modify it I always try to go genuine holden or hsv. Love the clean look. Here you go pir4te http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=198800 Cost me all of $3 to do.
  20. helmotbros

    Dream Car at Last 2008 VE SS-V Ute

    Clay bar and waxed some of my ute yesterday. Only did it cos I got bored. Not much point doing the whole car as ill be getting a full detail in the next month. Also thanks to dallascowboy's neat mod with a pool noodle I was able to relieve the sag that my bonnet has. Looks much better now...
  21. helmotbros

    Will a cat back help fuel consumption?

    Catback no. Full system with a tune, yes.
  22. helmotbros

    Reward for finishing Uni...VE SS

    That's an awesome mod. When I bought my ute I thought that the bumper was screwed or something. That annoys me that it doesn't sit right especially to the bonnet. I looks like an easy fix. How hard is it to take the bumper off?
  23. helmotbros

    Will these fit?

    Agree they look like series 2 ssv's but they won't clear brembos.
  24. helmotbros

    Wheel choices for Black VE SSV Ute??

    I've got the same ute as you and I REALLY want a set of hsv sv rims. They are either pretty rare or hell expensive so ill be waiting for a while haha.
  25. helmotbros

    Automatic up windows

    That sounds like a great little mod. It pisses me off that I don't have auto up.
  26. helmotbros

    Vz ss thunder box vs ve ss

    Yea I knew hsv's did but I recall seeing somewhere recently that the ve's got them at some point. May just have my wires crossed.
  27. helmotbros

    Vz ss thunder box vs ve ss

    Did the later models (late series 1 and series 2) have the t6060?
  28. helmotbros

    Vz ss thunder box vs ve ss

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure they both run the t56
  29. helmotbros

    VE Series 1 upgrade to Series 2 IQ Headunit

    Go to the last page of VEO55's thread. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=216795 He has done a pretty nifty mod so his s1 ssv radio has a touchscreen GPS which integrates with the factory setup. There are links to websites which give you a bit more info. I'm very keen on...
  30. helmotbros

    Multiple Questions

    I can answer 3 and 5. 3. The strip is held on by clips so just get under there with a panel remover (or similar piece of plastic so as to not damage the strip) and pop em off. 5. It should be in the menu on the screen. I swear I've seen it in there. Just hit the menu button.
  31. helmotbros

    VEO55 - SS-V Ute

    Thanks mate. Appreciate it
  32. helmotbros

    VEO55 - SS-V Ute

    Yea that's bloody cheap compared to sourcing a GPS enabled unit. I'm in the planning stages of doing the reversing camera and would have liked to do GPS but ruled it out because of cost. But this seems achievable. Are you able to point me in the direction of your sources for research? Might be...
  33. helmotbros

    Glue from Car Dealer on inside of Windscreen

    I always use kero cos I've got shitloads of it. Not sure if its bad but it works a treat. Then hit it with some window cleaner
  34. helmotbros

    VEO55 - SS-V Ute

    That is an awesome mod! How did you manage that? And if you don't mind how much did it cost? Sick looking ute btw
  35. helmotbros

    Wheel ramps

    I'm in the same boat as you. Seems to work well
  36. helmotbros

    Windows down or AC on?

    Yea, if i decide to try drive with the windows down im forever trying to find a harmonic balance that lets enough wind in from both windows to stop the damn buffeting. Its infinitely distracting whilst trying to drive. Pressing the ON button for the ac seems so much easier... and safer.
  37. helmotbros

    VE Maloo Side Vents For Holden VE

    Not sure if that link worked due to the forum rules but go to hsv body kits on the jhp website.
  38. helmotbros

    VE Maloo Side Vents For Holden VE

    http://www.############/holdenve/Body-kits-HSV-VE.htm Scroll to the bottom. Not worth it in my opinion.
  39. helmotbros

    Windows down or AC on?

    I used to be a windows down man in every other car I've owned but the ve has some intense buffeting wind noise at all speeds which gives me a serious headache. So I am now an AC man.