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  1. Morton

    Story time.

    Story time. >driving into town in your ford laser >fuel needle bouncing off the "E"xtreme end of the dial >you have a wallet full of cash to blow >decide to try out premium vortex ultimate racing fuel for extra BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST >169c/l mfw >fill up and throw the attendant a fresh green...
  2. Morton

    Story time.

    Story time. > pulling up to a red light that you know is going to change any second > engine brake until you're a hundred feet from the line > brake, clutch-in, blip while shifting to second, clutch-out, all in half a second > light turns green > tromp it > you're right at the bottom of...
  3. Morton

    Black VN wagon with VP stato front-end & interior

    Love statesman steering wheels. Also love the big face blender up the front of the 304 ^_^
  4. Morton

    Vg Holden ute

    If you would be so kind ;)
  5. Morton

    vn bt1 sump bash plate bolt size

    I'm pretty sure that's one of those "try and see" scenarios :)
  6. Morton

    Vg Holden ute

    >2013 >putting 18s on a vn/vp/vg/vq ishygddt
  7. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    I'm a bit peculiar, I guess :) There's not really any time saving involved in doing the work top-down. And for my broken body, laying on my back with my arms up is more comfortable than being hunched over an engine. I've probably spent a thousand hours on my back working underneath cars, so it's...
  8. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Original floor mats? hahahahahaha oh wow, my sides. You mean the original floor HOLES?
  9. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Okay :) Thanks dude! Still suspicious... ;) Cheers man :) It's a bit scary looking back through the last 192 pictures of progress. Like any project really, you tend to forget a lot of the little things. Meanwhile, I had some goodies delivered to my work today :)
  10. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Naaah you're 'right bud, worth a try :) Worst case, I'll bite the bullet and bay $120 for a new pair ^_^ Or... you know, make my own. Depending on how lazy I feel.
  11. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Sedan 3.08:1 10 bolt sally picked up and sent away for new carrier/pinion and axle bearings and new bushes.
  12. Morton

    Vp v6 / v8 ????

    What hi_ryder also failed to mention is, aside from the mounts, that the biggest difference between those two frames pictured above would be that the top one is mercilessly FILTHY.
  13. Morton

    cold air intake question

    Just run some flexible ducting down to that clean, fresh air. Done. :)
  14. Morton

    Sam's VN Lexxxcen LS1 T56

    I feel your pain, man. The number of times I had the starter out with with my tri-y headers hanging down on the old VQ. Clearance was a nightmare, and the heat from the headers (right on the solenoid) destroyed three of them. Pains. I feel them. *hugs*
  15. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Painting the Holden logo on the front cover with a brush - not my favourite activity ever. But it worked so well. I kinda fancy myself right now.
  16. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Yeah, but for that sort of money I know I'll find one with a more exciting gear set than 2.78s.
  17. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Yeah, that's a good one too. I'm all para-nazi about electricity these days though, and it's probably cheaper to burn the gas ^_^ That, and I have two bottles to burn through. Best. Pun. Ever. Or just bad spelling. Can't tell XD That would be sick if you could :) Diff will present the...
  18. Morton

    91 vn dash wiring

    Looks like your plugs for centre console power window switches. Run under centre console around gear shifter plate.
  19. Morton

    why arnt any of my parkers working

    When your parkers are on, do your tail lights work? Or does nothing work on step 1, and then everything on step 2?
  20. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    I'd be more than happy to share :p (lies) Cheers pal :) Much appreciated! I concur. Will have a go after I give the paint a quick bake. Which raises an issue. How do you bake paint on the engine, without running the motor? Well, here's one way:
  21. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    If anybody has heads up on either of the following, I would like to buy :-) HQ-WB 10 bolt salisbury diff for sedan, any ratio open or lsd HQ-WB 308 engine mount brackets Free money More time
  22. Morton

    Why a VN/VP

    10 litres per hundred combined mileage from a 5.0 V8 14sec quarter mile acceptable handling and braking with few mods Also, rocking up to Winton raceway in a ratty-looking $500 VN Commodore with brakes/suspension and tail-gating M3 BMWs and R32 Skylines? Priceless.
  23. Morton

    Why a VN/VP

    dat interior basic, classic 90s design square arches easy, reliable power
  24. Morton

    New or old engine mounts?

    I'm sorry, you were charged HOW MUCH? Even genuine Mackay hydraulic (A2546H) mounts are only $80-90 each. I think. Possibly less. No, they're not old, but yes, they are cheap. The "cracking" you see is just paint flaking off when the mounts flex. It's not a bad thing. Basically you got ripped...
  25. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    lol yup i stuck a cotton tip down my ear this morning and it came out rocket red. You're right about the overcooked timing cover. Fkn boss Lol gold engine bits n ****
  26. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Thanks dude! Next to powerslide across the country and get it filthy ^_^ But only slightly cause it's not in yet lol Yeah it's a big commitment painting 304 red lol i almost didn't. Now considering doing the rocker cover stripes silver, and the engine cover stripes red. Hmmm...
  27. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    2.30am on a week night, after seven hours in a shed, inhaling paint fumes and brake cleaner. Just be grateful they're not on fire in the picture.
  28. Morton

    my 66' impala hardtop :)

    burble burble whompa whompa whompa phwaaaaaaaaatt whompa whompa whompa phwaaaaaaaatt whompa whompa whompa blupp blupp blupp pratrattata phwaaaaaaaaat
  29. Morton

    My Torana Rebuild

    Words can't really do any justice to the full extent of my awe. When it comes to straightening panels, the most work I've ever done is violently lift a VN Commodore door from the bottom to align the latch with the striker. You're out of control. Love it. 11/10
  30. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    nek minnit...
  31. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Implying that's not a proper paint job
  32. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    New injectors, MAP, TPS, IAC, air temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, etc. Ready for High Energy sump and pickup tomorrow XD
  33. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    You filthy rat... Props to Hozy for his hand in bastardising this beauty :)
  34. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    lmao the stuff works a treat guys!! I used Finish powder extra concentrate, lemon scent. After the first wash cycle I stopped it short, took out the filter elements and rinsed out all the carbon. Then started a new wash cycle from scratch. All the crud inside the rockers came out, leaving a...
  35. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    Also, housemates were away today, so I took the opportunity to do some cleaning while nobody was looking:
  36. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    lol having it down with pretty pictures gives me somewhere to jot down ideas when they occur to me, and a picture reference for later if those ideas don't really make sense :p Sweet sound will hopefully be enhanced by twin pipes with oldschool crossover (H-pipe not X-pipe)
  37. Morton

    Features of your car you don't like.

    +1 for cars that only unlock one door with the remote. Bugs the clappers out of me, especially since you're usually first reaching for one of the passenger doors to put something away. There is one feature on my HQ which dulls the senses a little. The push-button windscreen washer, which...
  38. Morton

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    The wind. The wind can #### right off. That feel when you're lying under a car turning a spanner, and suddenly you're chewing leaves and dust. > get up and sweep the driveway. that'll fix 'em. > slide back under car and turn spanners > two minutes pass, more leaves all up my **** > crawl back...
  39. Morton

    ///Mock3 "Luxury" Edition

    Maaan I'm surprised you didn't rip it off the first time you backed out of the driveway ^_^
  40. Morton

    what did you do to your car today?

    Took stuff apart.