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  1. VZCalZone

    VZ Calais 2005 Reverse Sensor

    I thought my VZ used to have reverse sensors. I could find no mention of it so thought it was a figment of my imagination. I wonder why they stopped working, I haven't seen a fuse for it.
  2. VZCalZone

    XR6 or Omega

    I would have to say XR6 and to add that I'm very impressed that this forum has matured over the last few years enough for people to say so.
  3. VZCalZone

    [SA] 19" Boss Eleanors.

    mate if you were in QLD I'd have a new set of wheels but unfortunately postage sours the deal a bit. Will be down there for christmas but need new tyres for the trip. Buy them people.
  4. VZCalZone

    ----??? Should I have bought that thread ???----

    I'm getting a new ninja 250r tomorrow and I already know I should just pay off the car I already have. Hopefully It doesn't just sit in the garage forgotten in two weeks.
  5. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    I used non curing sealant so it shouldn't be too difficult. I noticed when I put it on, again, that it is very simple not to seat it right. While trying to to align the guide pins the sealant lifted the gasket out of position and broke the seal. If you ever feel you need more power then...
  6. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    Applied gasket sealant and wiped out the throttle body. For the first time in about 6 weeks the engine is purring, just like it was before I touched it in the first place. While it is a pain in the arse that it went wrong I now can remove an inlet manifold in about 2 minutes.
  7. VZCalZone

    how hard is it too pinch a vs series 2 without the key

    You want it not to start not to ruin your car. Never thought of taking relays. The ones next to it will fit but who's gonna check? I do like the having to start in neutral but the brake pedal won't work, I always put my foot on the brake.
  8. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    plugs looked good. Kero you reckon? I'll be wiping real well then.
  9. VZCalZone

    The eBay lolz thread

    porche on the cheap If he meant to add another 0 then it's a bit much. not sure really. Takes COD so rock up and have a go.
  10. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    i'm sure aviation grade contact cleaner courtesy of work will do. the runners and manifold are literally caked with burnt oil. Would carby cleaner be alright to clean the whole manifold? bit reluctant to add a potentially flammable substance to an engine inlet. Is this just a natural...
  11. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    changed the gasket with a metal one. (I could only find genuine, $44) and it's heaps better but still not right. I'm guessing that the manifold and runners should not be all oily as this would mean the TB and MAF would probably be the same way. What do you guys recommend to clean them? Common...
  12. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    All clear. found a 13mm socket behind the engine that was vibrating against a metal plate. After my repeated issues the manifold gasket now has a tear off one of the runner rims. Would this cause a rough engine through the rev range? will it damage the vehicle driving for a few days like...
  13. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    cant see anything in there. does the runner go straight down to the valves? could it have gone under them with the airflow? If yes to number 2 is it a full engine pull apart?
  14. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    I didn't witness the drilling out of the plug but it was done by a highly recommended professional. It was then obviously tapped and helicoiled. It sounds like two solid metal pieces connecting, a little too much like a socket for my liking. What is down the holes the intake manifold sits on...
  15. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    with a new battery and lots of cranking the car now starts. But. now there is the sound of something rattling around inside and a very rough idle. God I hope nothing fell in when the manifold was off. I'm pretty sure it didn't. its a two per second sound, maybe something fell behind and on to...
  16. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    "i havre had the same issue once or twice, the deal with this is lack of fuel, the fuel pick up has no fuel in it, well the computer thinks that anyway and wont allow the engine to spark, i believe it may be something to do with air in the fuel lines. But a splash of fuel $15 or bout 10L will...
  17. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    yeah went and done that, all seems well. will check again under daylight. I gave it another run and it seems there is no fuel getting to the engine, i've cranked it for a while to no avail. Would sitting for a month drain all the fuel back to the tank and take ages to prime?
  18. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    sorry for the premature diagnosis. I really haven't checked for spark. What would be the best way?
  19. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    well it seems to be firing none, just checked all relevent cb's and relays. no joy
  20. VZCalZone

    no ignition spark

    After a fiasco involving me stripping the spark plug and snapping a coil its all now back together but now it cranks but no spark. could something have fried? (I did disconnect the battery). It's taken me a month to get the car in one piece (travelling) and now it still won't work. Any help...
  21. VZCalZone

    Tune only my ve calais v8

    sounds like you got it sorted then. Hope it works out well then.
  22. VZCalZone

    Tune only my ve calais v8

    some one can clarify this but Holden re flashes the ecu on servicing I believe, thus loosing your tune. Might want to get a copy or something in case you lose it.
  23. VZCalZone

    What do you guys think of this article?

    Holden clearly has to sort out its dealers, most people will avoid them at all costs. Are you listening Holden. No, you never do. The marketing department will sort it out.
  24. VZCalZone

    Hingo's VZ Calais

    I've got the Shanghai and when its clean and waxed it looks bloody impressive. Dirty, meh. Same with any colour I suppose. I wanted black but at least I got the tan interior.
  25. VZCalZone

    Clarify the CALAIS

    OK now I'm very curious. If someone comes and says 'aha you got Punked' then I vote instant ban stick action.
  26. VZCalZone

    Gran turismo 5 new e3 vid 2009 omg omg

    actually I wouldn't mind that cannon, ricers here I come.
  27. VZCalZone

    Gran turismo 5 new e3 vid 2009 omg omg

    I'm not exactly sure what you expect then. Realistic cars on realistic tracks. If you want a vulcan cannon hanging off the side then you're chasing the wrong franchise. I'm hoping it comes in a PS3/GT5 package. I'll go and buy one then, it's how I got the trusty ps2. (GT4 naturally) Should...
  28. VZCalZone

    Why did they make series II not as good?

    I'm pretty sure that's not his car just a comparison photo, note the SS badge and different plates. They are nice rims though. Black looks better as does the foglights. I suppose they needed something to distinguish the series models and 'sports' versions. Doesn't really make the series 2...
  29. VZCalZone

    how do i wire up a kenwood cd player to my stock vx berlinas cd player?

    do you mean you want to replace your standard one?
  30. VZCalZone

    [SA] Wrecking 2 x VY Calais' and VZ SX6 Adventra

    there are 6, one on each plug, brand new $79. Pulls off spark plug on one end and an electrical plug on the other. Mine was cracked and snapped when pulling out. Be nice on the price:p
  31. VZCalZone

    [SA] Wrecking 2 x VY Calais' and VZ SX6 Adventra

    can I get an ignition coil from the alloytech. Price?
  32. VZCalZone

    Disable a spark plug

    Ok I finally went ahead to change the spark plugs and pulling out one of the plugs I snapped it right off. :bang::bang::bang: Not the actual spark plug but the alloytechs version of a lead. Since I can't get replacements without a car and don't get paid till Thursday is there anyway to...
  33. VZCalZone

    silly idea to save petrol

    it still has to move the same weight the same distance. you can try but you can't beat physics I'm afraid
  34. VZCalZone

    Hingo's VZ Calais

    for those of us that have them, they grow on you.
  35. VZCalZone

    What sized speakers off standard head unit?

    the thread stayed quiet for a few days so I re-invigorated it. Go back to VYMAD's question. He's back baby.
  36. VZCalZone

    FADS - what is the latest?

    oh oh pick me, wait for it..........V8 SUPERCAR REAR WING.
  37. VZCalZone

    FADS - what is the latest?

    homemade otrcai. or utrcai. or through the foglight hole cai.
  38. VZCalZone

    Shooting witness becomes Internet celebrity

    those pics were awesome, got a genuine laugh out loud. (cannot bring myself to use the acronym)
  39. VZCalZone

    What sized speakers off standard head unit?

    ok no subs, had a look and only one parcel shelf speaker was plugged in. sorted that. with the so called premium factory systems are there more outputs or the 4 outputs divvied up to however many speakers you have? If so then would disabling unneeded ones ie rear doors enhance the remaining?
  40. VZCalZone

    need to mod my VZ

    try the v6 performance and modification thread. MACE has some great gear, they are in the sponsors area. Raptor superchargers will fit in your budget. have a look through the forum