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  1. sixfootseven

    VZ Climate - can I force recirculated air to stay on?

    If you press off, or auto, the recirc turns off. E.g. dont want any fan on, so press "Off" and all of a sudden im getting fresh air. I'm wondering if its possible to change that, and make it stay on recirc no matter what.
  2. sixfootseven

    NZ - 2004 VZ SS LS1

    My new ride. 2004 VZ SS LS1, black leather interior. Stock as a rock, except arrived with deleted cats, painted grilles, and no side SS badges. Got it fully checked over and serviced, with all fluids and filters replaced regardless of condition. (I'll do my own engine oil, oil filter, air and...
  3. sixfootseven

    VZ LS1 basic mods, should I include headers?

    Hi all, I just bought a VZ SS LS1, all stock except previous owner did cat delete and painted grille white. On the way is an XAir OTR with MAFless setup (IAT patch lead too), XForce 2.5 to bolt to what used to be the cats, and a PCM from an experienced tuner with a flash MAFless tune to suit...
  4. sixfootseven

    VZ Climate - can I force recirculated air to stay on?

    I have a 2005 VZ SS LS1. Climate all works as expected from the factory I think, but I've noticed the car will happily switch itself to fresh rather than recirculated air whenever it feels the need (I think every time I press 'Auto', and everytime I press 'On' after having pressed 'Off'). I...
  5. sixfootseven

    What's missing here? (Behind glove box)

    Maybe they deinstalled a GPS tracker or something?
  6. sixfootseven

    What other front bumper would fit on my vx clubsport?

    All of them will fit, but you have to match your headlight shape too (or change them to match). So Clubby Calais and Berlina will interchange on same headlights. Exec S SS Acclaim Lumina etc will interchange on same headlights. To go SS to clubby you would change bumper AND headlights...
  7. sixfootseven

    [VT-VX] H.I.D`s into EBAY projector headlights.

    Hey - I put these exact headlights in my car - got them secondhand, and the orange earth is not connected to anything. What is it for? My parks, indicators, highs and lows all work fine.
  8. sixfootseven

    Adding switch to open boot...

    I have a VX Exec. Open the glove box and to the right should be a shiny black button. Press it and see what happens. Good luck.
  9. sixfootseven

    VX Electric Windows retrofit - Police Pack BCM

    I found the rubber grommets over the white plastic loom guides to be particularly easy to fit. With white plastic bit out of the jamb, stretch grommet over the edge, push completed white plastic and black rubber assembly into place. Literally a ten second job no issues.
  10. sixfootseven

    VZ Calais seats into VX2 Exec

    I've read all the threads I can find about seats, particularly later Calais into earlier Execs. Still don't know if I have any final answers. I have a VX2 Police Exec with side airbags and electric seat height + manual rails. Drivers seat base is trashed and won't pass next WOF (NZ WOF rules...
  11. sixfootseven

    VX Electric Windows retrofit - Police Pack BCM

    Reporting back for completeness to help others. Sat all the new doors next to the car and plugged the door wiring in at all four points. Checked the fuse box - there was no relay installed for the power windows, so I moved the rear window demist relay over. There was no fuse installed for the...
  12. sixfootseven

    VX Electric Windows retrofit - Police Pack BCM

    I have a VX2 Police Pack. Manual windows. I acquired a whole set of complete doors with electric windows, same color paint, plus colour coded mirrors (vs my black ones). I put the window master switch in my car, the plug was there for it. I installed one door**, and plugged it in, mirrors work...
  13. sixfootseven

    VX2 hesitation/miss at very low revs

    Hi all. Just registered, had a bunch of Holdens over the years, currently driving a VX2 V6 police pack with factory LPG system, 217km, that we bought a few weeks ago. Just took it on its first decent drive, and emptied a full tank of LPG, and got 9.5L/100km, which is pretty amazing for NZ as we...