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    Vq caprice s1

    wow good luck mate,I have vs series 3 and even fault finding is a nightmare it is just so complicated.I went to my state library in Brisbane to access the genuine Holden Manuals for the wiring diagrams and loom designations (84 pages) I hope you have success. Hiker.
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    Wow Sales must be going Gangbusters !!!

    Maybe the decimal point should be after the 2
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    Help please! Voltage Dropping Issue

    A large number of auto electrical faults relate to poor earth/earth return .Perhaps it would be prudent to check the mechanical side of the earth connections - battery to engine,battery to body,body to accessories etc. This can be achieved with the el cheapo multimeter on OHMS scale and the...
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    ( V8 ) Supercars

    Ford should have used a Mondeo it certainly could not look any worse than the Mustang.
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    Black ZB blacked out

    I have always believed that black wheels are for those people too lazy to clean off brake dust.
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    vk led headlights

    I would imagine that this type of conversion could be illegal for street use .It might be a good idea to check with your state Transport and Main Roads office.Mate put an L E D conversion into his Patrol and was pulled over by the Transport Police and ordered to remove them and replace with...
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    Will ZB be the end of GM in Australia

    I was looking through the motoring section of Saturdays Paper,while there were many ads for Astra's, Colorado's,Equinoxes etc there was not one ad for the ZB. No wonder GMH aren't selling any when the public doesn't even know that these vehicles exist.Is the marketing department sitting around...
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    Seriously, WTF is wrong with people!!

    The time has come to carefully sort the populace to find candidates for the GENE POLICE!
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    turn LED lights turning off when using indicator

    I think that this must be a safety feature /ADR requirement,I saw a Jeep Cherokee the other day and at first I thought that the DRL must be broken but as he finished turning the DRL came back on. I agree that this does look bizarre but as we all know everything has to be dumbed down these days...
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    Cheers, Rory 68 a lot more detailed than Ellerys Thank you and regards- Hiker.
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    high milage

    have you had these from low mileage? It seems that you must treat them with TLC.I have heard of ecotec v6's running to 500k+ on LPG.
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    My Build idea, and questions I need to answer.

    Hi Aussie Muscle I can tell you it would be much cheaper to draw all your cash out of the bank ,pile it up on the lounge room carpet, and set fire to it . I know this sounds a bit tough so it could be a wiser idea to maybe seek out a nearly completed project and take it from there.I have some...
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    Joke of the Day

    A thirty something male is out on the town with some mates,at one bar this late forties well preserved female keeps giving him the come-on, after some good natured rubbishing from his mates he decides to give it a go.After some drinks he decides to go home with the woman because she promises a...
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    Best solution for door trim?

    have you tried automotive SIKA-FLEX available from the robbers in the big green shed. I have used it on my Statesman without any problems. You have to tape the trim in place and let the SIKA cure for 24 hours then remove the tape .I hope this helps.
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    Need a chuckle today

    Sign in motor mechanics workshop, WE CHARGE $85.00 AN HOUR $100.00 an hour if you watch $150.00 an hour if you help.
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    Radio reset,buttons show incorrect numer

    Hi Stephen, don't be put off by this "display" just persevere and enter the code I'm almost certain that the radio will fire up.
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    here lies the body of Peter Hick he died from having a corkscrew dick he searched the world back to front searching for a girl with a corkscrew **** the day he found her he dropped dead the poor poor girl had a left hand thread.
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    VS Calais Paint Codes

    Hi Darrylmc it could be SHADOW GREY 4HO46 or SILVER ICE HO55 if the paint is original take the VIN to your local HOLDEN DEALER and they should be able to look this up on the Holden system Idid this for my VS 111 Statesman. Hope this helps.
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    Custom Number Plates

    Were those plates expensive, personalised plate mob in qld wanted nearly 3grand for something similar for my statesman.
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    [SOLVED] Blue 202 won't warm/hot start/idle

    hi sundaydriver I should have been a little more specific about the "heavy" float, if memory serves me correctly the float only weighs a few grams so couple of extra grams is quite a lot in the scheme of things I believe that the float weight would be available somewhere and the float itself can...
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    [SOLVED] Blue 202 won't warm/hot start/idle

    Hi sundaydriver, I once owned a VH with a similar problem, to cut along story short after many head aches it was found that the float (made from synthetic resin compound ) had over the years become "heavy" with absorbed petrol.Once the float was replaced this problem never re-occured ,hope this...
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    trying to get a wiring diagram for statesman 1996

    hi daz cambo there are many sub- sections of wiring diagrams for a 1996 (VS series) statesman for instance there are over 40 pages of information just on wiring harnesses and about 80 wiring and location diagrams if you could give me a bit more information on the section of the car's electrical...
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    Best Series You've Ever Seen

    deadwood was fantastic,sadly pulled from hbo for undisclosed reasons
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    How to remove lower window black & chrome mouldings on VR/VS Statesman / Caprice

    hi vr84 the plastic /chrome strip along the back of the boot lid is held on by about 10 nuts underneath.the statesman plastic garnish on the rear of the boot lid is held on by about 10 nuts inside the boot lid,first remove the carpet liner on the inside of the boot lid then remove lampholders...
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    How to remove lower window black & chrome mouldings on VR/VS Statesman / Caprice

    hi vr84 the chrome strip around the operahouse windows is actually aluminium and quite fragile. it is held in by 8or9 press in nylon studs which after weathering are very fragile.it is best to get a narrow (25mm wide) plastic or nylon scraper and gently lever up the "chrome" strip starting at...
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    VS Statesman series 3

    are the STATESMAN REAR DOORS the same size as the COMMODORE sedan rear doors?
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    VS Statesman series 3

    Thank you accentstencil for your kind reply, I should have been more specific I mean't the wrap around side skirts that go around the outside of the door sill and are held by push in pins on the underside of the door sill. These are usually painted a silver/grey colour and are made from a type...
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    VS Statesman series 3

    Would anyone be able to tell me what type of glue/sealant is required to glue the sill rocker panels onto the door sills on a vs statesman?