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  1. krusing

    Putting an L67 into my 5spd manual storm ute

    You will need to get it matched for it to start, One would assume its come from a Sedan including the ECU, As there will be some changes required. Also the Key will need to be programmed in again.
  2. krusing

    Ve park lights not working

    First check to see if there is volts at the socket, and also a ground at the socket. then remove the head light switch and check for voltage at the back of it. and if its faulty, pick one up from the wreckers.
  3. krusing

    New engine needed llt

    Im in Melbourne, and there is a fair few wreckers in Melb that will remove and ship it to you. Keeping in mind, you are better to replace it with the same engine, LLT, LFX etc, etc. I recently helped my nephew replace his V6 in his thunder ute, as it seized with no warning or engine lights at...
  4. krusing

    Correct compressor type in VB query?

    Yes they are a heavy compressor, But very smooth, as the after market York Compressors were a real clunker, and vibrated through the whole car, Good work for getting a Harrison unit, as they were only ones to work correctly and the brackets were always accurate. I had a 1977 LX 4.2 SL Torana...
  5. krusing

    Ve Sv6

    First thing I would do is get it Scanned, Get a printout, and start from there. Because not all DTC's will activate the MIL.
  6. krusing

    Can't reset service reminder

    L77 Oil Pressure Switch and DOD Filter https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/l77-dod-filter.276639/#post-3025092
  7. krusing

    Castor and control arm replacement help --

    Not a STEEL hammer ! Copper/Brass hammer, or a Brass Dolly or the Correct tool to dislodge the ball joint shaft. If your going to replace them both on both sides, Go for SuperPro.
  8. krusing

    VE Fe2 Bushes Control/ Lower Radius Arm

    I purchased the both arms [SuperPro Arms] either side with them fitted, Heaps easier and less stressful pulling the old bushes out I can tell you.
  9. krusing

    Service Error Contact Dealer

    I purchased a Tech2 knockoff from a ebay seller, and it wasnt a cheap one, I paid approx $750 for it, and it was better that a cheap knock off unit, I originally purchased it as a collectors item, but have since sold it to a JC Member, and I believe enjoyed using it to so much more internal...
  10. krusing

    VE Fe2 Bushes Control/ Lower Radius Arm

    I got Both SuperPro arms on both sides, Then got a wheel alignment, should of done it ages ago, instead of wasting time and money on other cheap aftermarket bushes. Do it once, do it properly, You wont look back.
  11. krusing

    VT 5Ltr oil pressure light on

    Remove the plug and give it dose of WD40, Inc the OPS Socket.
  12. krusing

    08 Holden Calais

    You should be right with a OEM SS Twin Outlet Mufflers, Lucky you only have a 3.6, If you had a 6L with AMF, drone would annoy the S___ out of you, I know, I tried it, and loved the note, lite deep burble idling and driving, but when the AFM dropped to 4CYL, It was enough to put the STD...
  13. krusing

    V6 Vy not charging

    It should read a consistent 14.2 > 14.4 Volts [approx.] when idling, When you switch your headlights on, it will drop to 14.2V, but change to 14.4V to compensate for the voltage drop with the load.
  14. krusing

    V6 Vy not charging

    Most likely the Regulator, Common as a Lion on a Commodore. Could change the alternator, but an expensive option, that also depends where you get it from. "NEW" Regulators on ebay for $35 > $40...
  15. krusing

    Help needed! Vx diff

    Remember to change the PPK, otherwise you speedo will be out, and you don't want any warranted fines in the pandemic/economic crisis we are in.
  16. krusing

    Service question

    Some members suggest 7,500 k/m, which is a good idea, ;) Where I have always done mine at every 10,000 k/m [Oil and Filter every time] :cool: As mentioned above, it always depends upon the type of driving is done from day to day. PS: Its get a little expensive when done sooner, when you are 5...
  17. krusing

    Doors won't lock

    ^ What he said ;) Fu Manchu I recon are on the money ! Being we have now established its not both keys, or the Relays [comment #8] My next suggestion was the Drivers door actuator. [you took word right out of my mouth]
  18. krusing

    Ve immobillised

    I have a Autel Unit/Analyser and did the programming myself, As I originally purchased a earlier Autel unit, so I could use it on my VY, as the dealers quote was ridiculous, but since sold that, and purchased the updated one. I buy a Tech2 and used that a couple of times and was a great tool to...
  19. krusing

    Doors won't lock

    I get called a "slave driver sometimes" :D
  20. krusing

    Help needed! Vx diff

    I believe there is a bit of difference between the 2 Diffs, however never had to change the model of diff, There is another thread I have read, I think it was a reply from immortality that answered another members query. Only ever replaced one for one. [same model and ratio] If you do replace...
  21. krusing

    Doors won't lock

    Do you have a spare Key ? If so, does that work ok ? If so, I would say you may need to check he programming of the Key and/or get the Key Erased from the BMC, and re-programmed in, If that doesn't work, New Key Head.
  22. krusing

    Starting problem

    Your Key Needs to be programmed into the BMC, and then into the Wireless Remote Control to Lock/Unlock the car. Your Addy says Melbourne, What suburb are you in Melbourne ?
  23. krusing

    Thermostat cost

    eBay, Its an easy job to do.
  24. krusing

    Coolant leak under throttle body

    What sort of VE - Model ? Engine ?
  25. krusing

    Can I run ssl’s with stock shocks on a vx s2

    Different Size Wheels and Tyres will need the PPK corrected.
  26. krusing

    HT Monaro for sale

    I remember that interview, And I thought exactly the same, Thought how rude of DJ to say what he said. If it wasn't for the donated car, he would of been sitting on his a___ in the Pits. Watching the Commodores circulate and win.
  27. krusing

    Very slight misfires

    The professional scan tools can check cylinder/plug misfires in the ECM's history, as it may not cause the MIL to activate.
  28. krusing

    Very slight misfires

    The Gap tool I have is a Coin Gap Tool from Supercheap, I think I paid $1, or there abouts at the time. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-spark-plug-gap-gauge-coin/344862.html#q=gap+tool&lang=en_AU&start=1 Hint: Can also be used as a stubby opener, when your re-gapping the plugs ! ;)
  29. krusing

    Very slight misfires

    I did read Plugs and Plug Gap is very critical for L77's, So when I did my Plugs and Leads, I checked the resistance of all the leads approx. 800 > 900 ohms, and the plug gaps, which I found were way out on the New Plugs. My L77 also have a bit of a hiccup now and then idling, but I have go use...
  30. krusing

    Ve immobillised

    The other option is to get is scanned, as it will indicate the fault, and were to start looking. Side note: When I received my new [VE] Key, I knew I had to program it in, So for the case of the exercise, I tried to start my car, and it displayed on the screen engine immobilised, Being there is...
  31. krusing

    Knock when braking

    That will be a item of fail, Best to get hold of some degreaser and a spray bottle, and go ALL over the motor, especially around the harmonic balancer.
  32. krusing

    Very slight misfires

    Maybe best to get is scanned, At least it may give you an indication where to start to look, Being it will historicise the faults. As not all faults will activate the MIL. Where in "Victoria" are you ? As there maybe a JC Member close to you that maybe able to assist/help.
  33. krusing

    VE series1 2009

    ^ What he said ;)
  34. krusing

    Knock when braking

    Could be - Radial Arm Bush's Lower Control Arm Bush's Ball Joints Damaged Arms Swap Bar Links Tower Tops Axles [Hubs] Brake Callipers Brake Pads Engine mounts That's a start for you to check.
  35. krusing


    Twist the Fuel connector up, And press both green tabs on each side, push it forward a bit, then slide backwards.
  36. krusing

    Check engine light turning on - Engine running lean

    Hmm, How can you have it serviced, And all of sudden the O2 Sensor activates the MIL, What else the mechanic do ?
  37. krusing

    Ve immobillised

    Hmm, Check the RFID Receiver connector under the dash, If that is ok, It could even be the RFID Reader, as its sounds like its lost the Key RFID's. Disconnect the Battery for 10 mins, then reconnect it and try again. Edit: I think I read this somewhere, and thought it was unusual, but worth a...
  38. krusing

    Are Commodore fans Dinosaurs

    So he is still a member, ? Well if it wasn't for us so called dinosaurs, there would be a lot less knowledge/experience on here, so he can fix his car for FREE ! in actual fact, I take offence to that original coment. Lucky I wasnt an admin, I would be waving goodbye to him ! I run a fair few...
  39. krusing

    Ve immobillised

    When you say you replaced the battery, Was that the Car Battery ? or Remote Battery ? If you replaced the Remote Battery, Did the RFID Chip fall from the Remote Shell ? or Have you Replaced the Remote Shell ? As there is a Chip in the Remote Key Heads that is required by the immobiliser to be...
  40. krusing

    Strut top mounts - KYB vs generic?

    I was so impressed with Polypro in my VE, I purchased a set for my VY, and have them to put them in ASAP.