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  1. GothicKidd

    what did you do to your car today?

    Tried to replace a injector rail was going well until I started to strip the top inlet manifold bolt, forgot I removed the PCV spring and then dropped the inlet manifold bolt back into the engine.. Might be job for another year....
  2. GothicKidd

    Used VX Commodore King Springs

    I've used plenty of used springs before, I think they're fine to use again. Only thing is they'll sag, so probably sit lower then they once did. Just make sure you're buying the right type of spring for your car... etc V8s have a stronger spring for the weight difference. You might get away...
  3. GothicKidd

    Vr key remote

    Just had a look on eBay found these Panasonic Lithium Coin Cell 3V PCB Through Hole Surface Mount Japan Made | eBay Surely be able to find a battery to suit the keyhead correctly without to much messing around.
  4. GothicKidd

    Vr key remote

    ain't they the 'cr2032' battery, same thing you find in motherboards of computers?
  5. GothicKidd

    Thatotherguy's 95 VS Acclaim

    Your car is coming along so nicely! great job man. absolutely love it. :D
  6. GothicKidd

    URGENT HELP!!! Where does this hose connect to??

    Nah honestly don't think it really matters, charcoal canister is only to reduce fuel smell. but really shouldn't affect how the car runs only unless theirs a leak. Sorry. Can't really help much more. Could be a problem else where. Hard to diagnose over the internet haha. the black module where...
  7. GothicKidd

    URGENT HELP!!! Where does this hose connect to??

    yep, that looks good haha. fire it up :P
  8. GothicKidd

    URGENT HELP!!! Where does this hose connect to??

    that's for the charcoal cannister, is it not? edit: joins with the shiny black line
  9. GothicKidd

    Will I lose reverse sensors If i replace speakers

    Why remove the 8" subs? why not have both? haha.
  10. GothicKidd

    Electric window won't go up HELP

    I'd check the fuse first if you haven't already.. should be a circuit breaker type, but people could of put a regular fuse in for it..
  11. GothicKidd

    Thatotherguy's 95 VS Acclaim

    Awh man, need to stop viewing this thread. Wheels look awesome! needs more low though :P
  12. GothicKidd

    V6 to V8 Conversion - Easiest way to install the new V8 engine

    Personally speaking.. You'll thank yourself if you remove/insert motor/trans as one. and it can be done by yourself without help (but people do help haha) I had troubles assembling trans and motor out of car one time, would of QUIT if motor was in the car..
  13. GothicKidd

    Thatotherguy's 95 VS Acclaim

    I want those seats in my life.... if they go missing don't look for me :P They look so welcoming and comfy!! Nice man haha.
  14. GothicKidd

    Compartment box centre console.

    This is what my calais has, if you lived near me. I'd happy do a straight swap for your console. haha hope this picture helps..
  15. GothicKidd

    Knocking in steering rack?

    upto 30mm freeplay is normal isn't it?
  16. GothicKidd

    what did you do to your car today?

    Did some mix matching with the front struts. Found the struts I bought had Super pro strut mount top. Winn Once I removed struts, found this pair in the front.... Before and After shots... Used King springs "FE2" apparently.. Pretty happy with it all, fixed noisy front end and it...
  17. GothicKidd

    Ecotec in VR

    yeah, use VS eng, trans, loom and ECU. kept my VR bcm and loom.
  18. GothicKidd

    Ecotec in VR

    Hey, finished installing fitting everything.. I got a memcal to disable VATS it all runs, but i'm getting engine light on "Code 51 - Memcal Unit " I'm guessing it's because it's a different ECU and it's not detecting it's there properly?? Is there any way to trick it into thinking it's there...
  19. GothicKidd

    VR electric windows very slow

    Lubricating the runners and such would be a good start..
  20. GothicKidd

    Vy V6 ecotec swap to a Alloytec whats involved?

    alot of people prefer the ecotec over the alloytec, just chuck a L67 init instead haha.
  21. GothicKidd

    ABS strutts

    Sorry, Feeding you lies here. Didn't really look into it.. I'm use to VR+ strut, where it's separate from the HUB.. So if it's VN-VP it looks like a complete unit.. Soo I'd say there's a bit of difference between the two. Not sure if they came with brackets? but defiantly would have a hole for...
  22. GothicKidd

    Auto trans pressurizing fluid

    Does he have any problems with the transmission? or just shooting out the dipstick? Heres a picture...
  23. GothicKidd

    ABS strutts

    think it's just an extra bracket for the ABS wire.. Probably can just cable tie it on if theres no bracket...
  24. GothicKidd

    Distance to empty Help

    Stop starting, driving around town will cause the average to go up. Once you hit the highway it'll probably go back up and probably show more K's to empty.. Distance to empty isn't accurate on most cars anyway.. gives you an idea.
  25. GothicKidd

    Stereo Install/Removal (VN - VS)

    I believe they use same colours as front doors, and split off from the front speaker plugs aswel Correct me if i'm wrong..
  26. GothicKidd

    abs and airbag light staying on

    ABS can easily be sensors.. Airbag is normally common when people unplug seats/steering wheels without disabling the system first. also can be a faulty clock spring... Probably wont be able to fix the lights showing your self without a scan tool (tech2) or w/e..
  27. GothicKidd

    VRii V6 Seized - What other V6 will fit ???

    I'm currently in the process of putting ecotec in my VR, got the motor in and running.. yet to install the exhaust and seems like my trans is slipping. Pretty simple swap over, Mostly plug and play.. I found 2 plugs were different but nothing to worry about. I used a memcal to disable VATS...
  28. GothicKidd

    vs sadan original power window switches to a vy/vz model switch NEED HELP!!!!

    Wiring on the VY switch and the VR/VS wiring loom are all the same.. just have to join them together and should all work. FRLH - Front Regulator Left Hand FRRH - Front Regulator Right Hand RRLH - Rear regulator Left hand RRRH - Rear regulator Right hand
  29. GothicKidd

    vs sadan original power window switches to a vy/vz model switch NEED HELP!!!!

    Hey mate, just read your MSG you sent to me. I had my friend do the custom moulding for me, all I think it is.. is the VY switch fiberglassed into the console. With the wiring it's pretty easy. Does your car already have power windows? When I wired it up, I used the image below to help me out...
  30. GothicKidd

    Verynice VS Caprice

    http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vr-vs-holden-commodore-1993-1997/99197-vs-climate-control-screen-colour-change.html It'll give you an idea on how-to...
  31. GothicKidd

    what did you do to your car today?

    YaY! I could of bought a VS, and been done with it.. but with this, it's about experience and achievement. :P
  32. GothicKidd

    vs elec antenna staying up when car turned off

    To be honest, it sounds like you haven't wired it properly to the head unit.. I'd be looking there first...
  33. GothicKidd

    what did you do to your car today?

    Finally installed my Ecotec in my VR! not a LS1 swap, but good enough for me :P It's not yet running, but hope to have it running within next few days...
  34. GothicKidd

    Fuse panel cover clips

    VR VS Commodore Fuse BOX Clip Genuine Holden | eBay ????????????????????????????
  35. GothicKidd

    [VIC] Wrecking my VN V6, 3.89 minispool etc

    Would postage be an option for the VY ss pedals to 5523? thanks..
  36. GothicKidd

    Single or twin zorst on 3.8.

    buicks are terrible, sound terrble no matter what.. maybe slap roller rockers on it.. might sound a bit better. Go ecotec haha.
  37. GothicKidd

    My mystery box.

    Wild guess, but it kinda looks like a immobiliser..
  38. GothicKidd

    P platers new EA falcon S wagon

    Sometimes buying cars are a hit and a miss, brother bought basically the same thing you did for $200, red ea falcon, manual with 6 or so months rego. Only thing it needed was exhaust and windscreen. Paint was in reasonable good condition would of come up with a good polish. served him well for...
  39. GothicKidd

    Correct Fuel

    To be honest, I run 91. I don't see any benefits with higher octane even with the MACE memcal I have. Ive ran complete full tanks with 98 and still feels the same.. I just use higher octane occasionally to help clean..