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    My Perfect Blue SSV Z Sedan

    not a fan of VF?
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    can't find what type of Rims these are?

    try to be the only one who carry them
  3. E

    can't find what type of Rims these are?

    try to be the only one who carry them
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    Wind noise?

    I have the same problem only come from the drive window, I just simply turn up the music or wind down the window...
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    Commodore VE Ute 2008 Fuel consumption?

    Give u a rough idea: mine is engine-stock manual ss, run [email protected]/h average speed, the record has been cycled about 8 full tanks
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    Video of VF models

    Still can't get used to the new look, tech specs are good though, and love the steering wheel
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    VE rims and offsets.

    Thanks mate, I really like these deep concave style wheels, there are custom wheels and good price too
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    VE rims and offsets.

    As promised here is the pic
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    VE rims and offsets.

    Wil post up on Monday when I put another new tyre on, left rear back tyre got pounced on Friday, bugger...it lasted just two weeks since I put on
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    Service Costs VE

    had done my old 07 ve v6 in JaxQuickFit Mitchell, good price as well, around $240 bucks with 4 wheels balance on 90,000KMs, YES 90,000KM. very good price to me
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    VE rims and offsets.

    I just got mine done, with 20*8.5 front, 20*10 rear, front is no problem, back fit with 275/30/20 tyres, hit the guards like hell, and got them roller. Now is much better, but my guess is if the car load with max, have to drive very carefully otherwise still a problem. But overall pretty happy...
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    will manual VE SS get a nice downshift sound with a catback ?

    This is my 1st time posting a thread regard to get a SS at the moment, yeah!! finally... have been 'diving' for a quite while... I am sorry if it is been talked before, tried search bottom, but no... To all VE SS Manual drivers, will I get a nice downshift sound if I just fit a decent catback...