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  1. webwombat

    Your VE- What problems have you had

    stereo screen goes blank, only happened twice, replaced right hand passenger door trim ( small paint chip ) under warranty
  2. webwombat

    19" Tyres to suit VE SSV wheels?

    my local tyre store has Goodyear Eagle RSA $225
  3. webwombat

    Car Battery located in the cargo area in the sportwagon - WHY?

    yeah I guess only need to access it when its DEAD, knew about the jump starting connection posts that are located in the left hand side of the engine bay
  4. webwombat

    Car Battery located in the cargo area in the sportwagon - WHY?

    PITA really - family on school holidays with cargo area packed with luggage, bikes. I hate to dread with a dead / flat car battery in the rain , unpack pack everything just to get access to the battery.
  5. webwombat

    Car Battery located in the cargo area in the sportwagon - WHY?

    Can someone explain to me WHY Holden decided to place the battery in the left hand side of the cargo area behind the access panel in the VE sportwagon.
  6. webwombat

    Michelin Pilot Sport ps2

    I have noticed that the michelin pilot sport tends to have weak internal sidewalls as they seem to bulge more than other brands - recently one had a bulge size of a cricket ball I have replaced two of em now :( Quick Google search comes up it's a common problem...
  7. webwombat

    VE SS-V Wagon

    Good to see another happy VE SSV black wagon owner
  8. webwombat

    Atomic Green SV6 Sportwagon

    nice wheels, they are the best and easiest to clean :)
  9. webwombat

    Ss-v sportwagon

    hey I have seen your car around, join the club
  10. webwombat

    [sinstr6] ve sv6 sportswagon

    Bee Sting Aerial? how is that different from the the stock version?
  11. webwombat

    Choosing window tint

    ask to check out both tint films ( octane and midnight express ) on white piece of paper - you will see the differences I was going to for for Octane but changed my mind to Midnight express
  12. webwombat

    Updates on the green machine - for anyone interested.

    its a green ute - luck of the irish :)
  13. webwombat

    19" tryes rotation

    I guess I have nothing to worry about
  14. webwombat

    19" tryes rotation

    How often do you need to rotate 19" tyres i.e. 245/40/19 I am getting conflicting responses, some say 5,000kms 8,000kms 10,000kms which one is better?
  15. webwombat

    New SSV this week...

    they should have kept the standard 19" wheels on the 2010 VE SSV series - easier to clean and looks HAWT
  16. webwombat

    New SSV this week...

    we should have a SSV thread :)
  17. webwombat

    New SSV this week...

    sedan or wagon?
  18. webwombat

    Fuel economy

    maybe its different having a V8 compared to the V6 SIDI
  19. webwombat

    VE SV6 .vs. VZ SV6??

    pick the MY 10 VE model better than the other year variants
  20. webwombat

    Fuel economy

    guys - you have to remember it takes a while for the motor to get "run in ' and allow time for it to gain optimal fuel economy
  21. webwombat

    My VE HSV Maloo R8 #039

    love the seats - pity that the VE SS-V dont have those type of seats & I noticed that the HSV ute have two spotlights above one each other, how does that work?
  22. webwombat

    VE Runout Model

    how many KM was the Demo?
  23. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    Hows the Stat Nav and reverse camera?
  24. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    series II been released late September / early October 2010
  25. webwombat

    VE SS Commodore

    AFM only applies to auto transmission - its that simple
  26. webwombat

    BLue Magic- 2010 ssv g8

    are they indicators on the sides of the front spoiler ?
  27. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    Yeah - bugger had if I known I would have got our demo wagon lowered BUT what they say NO because it voids the warranty?
  28. webwombat

    Top gear ashes special.

    I like that RED caliper
  29. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    No - Holden does not lower the suspension for you, would be nice though but the general public does not want "lowered" suspension me thinks
  30. webwombat

    Big Fella's SS-V Sportswagon

    awesome fuel economy there ! we are yet to take ours for a long distance haul. Great wagon these Holdens have produced, head turners and coppers love it lol How you finding the 6 speed auto ? Love using the "manumatic" around the city
  31. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    they actually announced last night at the private dealer release that it will be only $1500 extra for the first release of them which is ultra good value! - taken from another forum
  32. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    $2500 on top of standard vehicle RRP
  33. webwombat

    New SS Series 2

    ohhh love to hear more of this power upgrade :)
  34. webwombat

    My red hot SSV sportswagon

    6 speed auto The mods will be in the "pipeline" down the track
  35. webwombat

    Big Fella's SS-V Sportswagon

    Hows the wagon going ?
  36. webwombat

    My red hot SSV sportswagon

    another happy SS-V wagon owner :)
  37. webwombat

    Omega 2008 VE

    check your compliance plate = that will show the day / month the car was born
  38. webwombat

    Aftermarket GPS - Garmin

    ahhh - cant use the touchscreen at all . have to use the buttons
  39. webwombat

    My VE SV6 Sidi

    woah what a BEAST! tell more about this reverse camera and screens in both headrest