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    To buy 12mth old SSV or wait for VF II

    Been thinking the same myself for a few months now also. For me the VF II is worth waiting for for my own reasons... 1. Resale value 2. New 6.2 Litre LS3 - no more AFM! 3. From info dropping around the net some of the Redline features we saw on Series one will be in the SSV standard. At the...
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    VX Convert from Manual to Auto

    As Red says, sell your manual.. you will fetch more for it than that an Auto will cost you to buy. Manuals are a rare case to come by, dont convert it :(
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    Hatch Not Closing

    http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/399988-post14.html I picked mine up for like $8 from my local holden dealer, they are normally like $12 or something depending where you go to. I just asked em for Trade prices and they said ok. Doesnt hurt to ask :)
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    VT Rear end clunk

    Standard unwanted feature with the driveline backlash unfortunately, I have it in mine. I've learned to live with it especially with Manual. Having a manual more than makes up for it in fun in my opinion. Just turn the music up and cruise along :)
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    "Gift for my Wife"

    lol ... enough said :p
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    JC in Firefox

    Have you disabled referer headers by any chance?
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    Time for the new clutch!!!

    lol.... better than being loud tho i guess :p
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    Time for the new clutch!!!

    You'll have to let us know how it goes when you install it to your car mate to see if it gets rid of that excessivly annoying clunking noise we seem to all suffer from :(
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    My Vy

    Go for an SS kit, its simple yet effective.
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    My VT S Pack

    looks good with the VX clubby kit on it man, nice work
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    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    Very nice car Deano mate, black would have to be the only colour I think looks decent with the VE. Looks fantastic, now the age old question, can you buy me one too?? :whistling lol j/k
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    EXCESSV has arrived.....

    Good to see you finally have your car mate. After all the lows lately for you things seem to be going back up for you again. I myself aswel as many others here are eagerly awaiting to see the new ride, congrats again!. :thumbsup:
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    Changing the fascia

    It would be easier if you were to remove the cluster out of the car as you have to dismantle the cluster to change the face over. There should be two screws in the top of the cluster, then unplug the connector at the back. Im not sure how to dismantle the cluster to get to the face as I...
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    Calais storage compartment

    Try this, I posted it up a few months back. It might be a bit easier as you dont have to pull the dash appart for the job. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showpost.php?p=399988&postcount=14
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    My 01 VX S Manual

    Amazing what a good set of wheels can do to a car, looks good man, good luck with it :thumbsup:
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    MY VT SS supa6

    Check out this thread http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/showthread.php?t=56567
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    Alarmed or not??

    Im pretty sure when the VX II came out, they put in a factory alarm... Ive set mine off a few times accidently but its just a standard one hooked up to the normal horn I think
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    My 2002 Quicksilver VX SS - Pics are Up!!

    $20? bargain!! where can I pick it up :p
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    :rofl: lol so true... it really is a shame tho on the same token.
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    In a nut shell, the car wont start.
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    Dash Lights

    Nice find..... as for the size of the globe, i dont know, it would either be the 2.3mm or the 3mm. Let us know how you go.
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    Yes, and from time to time it doesnt start the 1st go but thats normally on a hot day and rarely happens....tho this time it was pretty apparent this time round driving to South Aus recently. Drove for about 200-300km at a time till i pulled over for a break. Some times it would start perfect...
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    Rattling sound from gearbox when turning of ignition

    I get a slight rattle, but its not noticable inside the cabin as you have suggested you hear... just sounds like the engine cutting out to me. Car has 93,500kms on it..
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    no worries man :) Im sure a few others here have the same sort of noise with the driveline backlash, i guess its something we have to sacrifice to enjoy having a manual transmission. I know I wouldnt go to an auto for it :p ....... its just a shame, but from what I hear, the autos...
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    Never actually had to try that yet to be honest, driveway is flat... I did get a rattle the other day tho while i was driving back from SA, stopped on a hill for traffic lights, hit the friction point to take off in 1st and it was rattling a little bit....... yet hasnt done it since that...
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    Yep, know how you feel mate. Had my car now for 15 months.... and it quite literally drove me insane to begin with thinkin there was something wrong, but now its something ive learned to live with. As i said, i found if you ease the clutch in slowly while in reverse or 1st gear in the driveway...
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    When you are reversin down the driveway and push the clutch in, does it clunk? If so, you are not the only one. I get it when im reversing, or driving up the driveway in 1st and engage the clutch. I find if i ease the clutch in slowly there is no noise at all, but push it in fast while in...
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    Does it come from the gearbox, or does it sound like a clunk coming from the driveline?
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    WH Series II Caprice.

    Nice car & nice choice!! looks good!
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    Manual Or Auto

    Manual..... obvious choice :thumbsup:
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    Dash Lights

    I think you might find it a bit hard to source any of the original parts from any place but Holden, or a wrecker. Ive had a few bulbs go in my dash etc and looked around at JayCar etc and wasnt able to find any genuine parts or anything else that resembles the orginal globes and holders. I know...
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    Quiery for VX manual owners

    I get it aswel when changing gears the engine holds the revs for a few seconds while gear shifting, i have no idea why Holden made it this way. Funny actually you should say that Ryan, I think at times it almost sounds like its supercharged, it has that noise about it :P haha
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    VX manual S-pack

    Yeah when changing gears it keeps the revs ups for a short period.... No idea why they made them this way, helps with smoother gear changes perhaps. Dont worry about it too much tho mate, mine does the same 2nd through 3rd. How are you liking it so far?
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    Vt V6 hissing sound under light throttle

    Well if you work out what it is, let us know.... I have the same thing in my car and it comes from the passenger side through the firewall. I know the sound is coming in through the firewall Grommit, but i dont know where the sound is coming from so it has to be close by. Was fine when I got...
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    VX manual

    Too bad for the crap clutch that comes standard in them...... mine is on the way out again and it was only replaced under warranty 12 months ago :( Nice car Wombat, seem to have a few of us on here now with the VX S Manual Commos :thumbsup:
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    Another VX MAN

    Any probs with the car for the sale?
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    VX manual S-pack

    Awesome, good luck with it mate :thumbsup:
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    VX manual S-pack

    Now thats just not fair :( lol
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    changing dash lights

    In the 1st link ive given to the Blue LED Conversion thread, in the 1st post there is a link to some images on how to dismantle the dash, and also some images that they took while doing the conversion, including the positive and negative polarity terminals to solder to...
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    changing dash lights

    Strange.... same car, same year.... yet i have the green paint on the back of my heater controls and also my guage face along with also having the green caps on all the globes. :unsure: Got pics of when it was done?