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$100 Acclaim

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Just got back from putting this 2001 VX11 through rego inspection. I bought this car for $100. The owners had been quoted $800 to supply and fit a new alternator and they didn't want to spend that so put it for sale on our local facebook page. I had a spare alternator from my VT parts car and took all of fifteen minutes to remove the old one and fit the replacement. It had five near new tyres on it and starts and runs like a rocket. There was nothing needed for the roadworthy. Bargain of a lifetime or what?

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looks really good for 100 dollars


God damn! and i thought my VX wagon for $800 was a bargain!
Virtually nothing wrong with it but its starting to wreak havoc now :(
Wow! Great Deal!
Almost as Good as my Bargain!
I just picked up this 2005 VZ Calais for 2K with 5 Months REGO.
Reason Sooo Cheap was Dead Battery, Oil Leak from Front of Motor (Perty Big Leak) and No Cold Air!
Besides this, all Seems Good.
Have done some Cosmetic Repairs, i.e. Drivers Seat Controlls were on the Floor. So Repaired the Panel and Shes a Worker.
New Headlamp Globe, Rewired Towing Electricks, as was all Taped Up with Gaffa Tape!
And Garage inspection on Oil Leak Found 4 Cam Oil Seals Need Replacing. Mech says just over an Hour to Fix, so Booked in Monday AM :)
Darren (Newcastle)
God damn! and i thought my VX wagon for $800 was a bargain!
Virtually nothing wrong with it but its starting to wreak havoc now :(
I bought a VT Acclaim Wagon, cost me $800...had a nice set of mags, good tyres all the perspex/plastic you could ask for, sheepskin seat covers and it needed a battery. Took a 2nd hand one with me, and my car trailer, to Wagga Wagga from Bathurst to collect. Got log books with it for its' first 11 years...when I put the battery in it to start [and unlock the driver's door!] it showed 142.311 kms...was a bargain as far as I was concerned...
I just brought a by "25th anniversary" commodore.. looks great runs nice, but it has lowered springs front/back and has19's on it, it scrubs a little, the radios buggered, elec window switch"s are buggered, I payed $3500 my mistake was I brought it at night... never again...I now have a set of wheels for sale..

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