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1981 VH Commodore SL/E

General Information

1981 VH Commodores SL/E
4.2L 253 V8 - Trimatic - Indigo Blue with two tone interior - Electric windows - Cruise Control

Car was purchased by me from Queanbeyan in April 2015 as a one owner car with approximately 94,000kms.

According to the original owners grand-daughter the car sat in a shed for about 7 years un-driven (approx. 2006-2013). She, the grand-daughter, then got the car out and made it roadworthy again in around 2013-14 and drove it for the next 12 months. Due to lack of use and relocation the car was sold to me.

I drove down to Queanbeyan from Sydney to look at the car with a friend and before I knew it I'd bought the car and was driving it back home. Apart from a little fuel leaking out of some brittle hoses around the when I topped up on fuel before setting off the car didn't skip a beat during the 3 hour drive back. The only thing that made me uncomfortable on the highway was the amount of body roll the car had. This I assume is a result of the 30 year plus old suspension combined with the 205/60/15 tyres. I guess I'm not used to the soft suspension, big sidewall tyres and high ground clearance. Needless to say the first thing I did when I got it home was full service, change hoses and install some Pedders sports suspension (springs and shocks) and an adjustable panhard rod. I also took the original SLE rims off and threw on the original 3 piece Simmons FR19's I've had in storage for years while I found the right car.

Since taking ownership of the car I have restored the car's exterior as much as possible. I had the car resprayed in December 2015 to the original Indigo Blue courtesy of E.R McNamara in St Peters, NSW even reproducing the distinctive SL/E pin stripe . While getting resprayed I had all the rubbers replaced, front and rear bars re-chromed and the locks and ignition barrel replaced. I also had new Commodore and SLE boot lids badges reproduced, a new grille and headlights installed as well as the chrome door belt molds other new exterior bits added.
To date, the interior remains mostly unchanged having only upgraded the rear parcel tray speakers although retaining the original VH speaker covers. Apart from the vinyl detaching from the centre console, a stadard VH issue, the interior is in perfect condition.


I had the exact same car. Wish I still owned it, if I knew then, what I know now, I would have put it in a garage and left it alone.
It has 58k on it when I bought it, I ended up clocking it. It was the 253 trimatic, also running on lpg.

The thing was bullit proof, never missed a beat.
Look after it and you should get many,many years and K's out of it
Good to see another one in good knick. Good luxk with it
That looks fantastic, just right really clean and nice.
Yeah remember one of my mates father had a vh sle 4.2 in red nice.
Also vaguely remember ,although not the circumstances of trip but traveling in the back seat of a white hdt. Later model , think it was a salesman car , think it was when mates father was going to update , he never got one of them though, pity it sounded fantastic

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