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1983 Holden Ss

General Information

I've had my beloved VH SS since march 2000, I'm the third owner. Previous was my brother and the original owner was dad's workmate.
There is nothing about this car that hasn't been documented by the 3 of us.
Before i had her, i never really like commodores, but this one's special, I've never driven one like it.
Original 308 blue motor bored out 40thou decked 30 thou, flat tops, moly rings, L34 Heads, Crane 274 cam , ST2032 roller rockers, heavilly modified quadrajet with a 253 tb housing, factory original brock intake manifold, m21 aussie 4 speed, factory original 10 bolt 3.08:1 salisbury diff (never been rebuilt, no whines or clunks)
Original claret interior (using vh sl/e door trims atm to preserve the original vinyl door cards)
Original owner unfortunately had the seats re-trimmed to remove the paisley inserts...
Photo taken by TVR at bathurst


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