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1987 Holden Vl

  • This is my VLT (Converted) running stock boost (6-7psi)
    NA Auto box & diff
    Trans cooler
    Stock turbo parts
    Tucked intercooler & piping (stealthed black)
    NA injectors + ECU
    Darkest legal tint
    Lowered suspension
    17" VY SS rims painted black
    3" dump + cat back (Cat back not installed in pics)
    Gutted cat
    Oil catch can
    Boost & temp gauges
    Custom intake pipe
    Pod filter
    New alternator
    New fuel pump
    Satin Black bumpers & trim respray
    New AFM
    New CAS

    6x9" speakers in the read, 4" in the front
    Panasonic head unit w/ AUX & USB
    Rampage Amp + 12" sub in boot (Not sure of amp size atm)

    Special thanks to Nath & Larry for many hours spent and many beers drunk lol

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