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1988 Holden Calais

General Information

Picked up a vn calais 5.0L Auto with full leather interior, electrics and sunroof. The engine was rebuilt 25000km ago and has a nice exhaust system.

The car was unregistered so Ive been tidying a few things up to get it licensed and then the real fun begins. I want to turn this car into a group a replica!

I have already acquired a full manual conversion kit for $900, complete group a kit for $800.

I have it booked to go over the pits on Wednesday 3/9/14 then the engine is coming out for a freshen up - stroker kit, cam etc. While the engine is out Ill be sanding her back and preparing the beast for paint!

Im thinking duriff red, black or something a bit left of centre and candy apple red...


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