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1989 Holden Calais

General Information

2nd car to own, first Holden to own, currently a rego'd Project car, engine issues but soon to be working. various mods performed, some are the most unique mods that you WON'T find on any other Holden

- VR Statesman Front Seats
- VR Statesman Front and Rear Door Cards
- VR Statesman Rear Door Courtesy Lights
- VR Statesman Front Passenger Foot Well Lighting
- Datsun 240Z/Nissan S30 Fairlady Z Side Marker Lights
- USDM-style Indicators/Side Lights
- VP Executive Front and Rear Bumpers
- VY SS Ute 17' Rims
- JDM-style Interior Red Neon (come on with Parker Lights)
... and much much more to come


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