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1994 Holden Vr - vs

General Information

-Built not Brought-
My VR – For my P’s until I can drive the Clubsport on my opens.
Bought Stock as a rock minus the 19" mags and a cat to tail pipe exhaust (standard tailpipe)...(Had the 19s with standard height was such a 4wd)

K&N Panel Air Filter
Steering wheel + Boss kit
King springs - Ultra low rear suspension
King springs - Super low front suspension
New Slotted front Rotors (+ Heavy duty pads)
Adjustable panard rod
New Tail pipe
Tinted windows (darkest legal)
tinted taillights
Shift kitted Auto (w/ v8 internals etc)
Hi stall torque converter (2500-3000)
Reconditioned Engine
External Auto Cooler (universal PWR)
5Litre Cold air induction
HID bulbs
10MM Top Gun ignition leads
High Flow Catalytic Converter (Knocked it all out and Welded a piece of pipe through it)
Chrome Nostril Grills
Alpine Head unit
Eclipse Tweeters
Eclipse Sub Speakers
GP Octane R 9.0:5 5 channel AMP
12” Rockford fosgate Sub
Ported Sub box to suit 12” sub for commodore.
Painted black interior (done properly not rough. Scotch brite pads, primer etc)
Oil pressure, Volts meter, Water Temp Gauges in the centre space
Limited Slip Diff with 3.7 Ratio Diff gears
Memcal Tune (for Stalling the Hi Stall and obviously better performance)
Lukey Performance Extractors

Runs out of legs at the high speeds but is a weapon 3/4 Track haha. (Around town 0-80 absolute machine)
runs in the high 14's to low 15’s depending on the night..


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