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1995 Holden Vs commodore s

General Information

This is the 3rd vs I have owed, it's factory manual and factory sunroof..
I've swapped out the same running gear into 3 vs's now but this is the one I'm keeping..

Mods ( all done myself )

Visuals and interior all standard.
Every bush and joint replaced
Tein coilovers in the front with Monroe gt sport shocks and ultra lows in the rear with adjustable panard bar.
Vt front brake upgrade with slotted rotors.
3 core alloy radiator with aftermarket thermo.
Was factory t5 but have converted to getrag with npc button clutch and billet fly wheel.
Mini spooled diff 3.91 gears.
Billit short shifter.
Engine is standard bottom end with arp rod bolts, ported and polished heads shaved 50 thou, 105# valve springs, port mached intake manifold with 70 mm throttle body, chromoly pushrods, anti pump lifters, comp 236/236 cam (lumpy as), double row timing chain, deleted balance shaft.
Red back extractors into 2.5" y piece into 3" high flow cat and 3" mandrel bent system.
Walbro 255lph fuel pump and adjustable fuel pressure reg.

Yet to be tuned. Hoping for at least 240-250rwhp

In my previous car it made 212rwhp with standard heads and fuel system with 2.5 exhaust and standard diff gears.


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