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1996 Holden Commodore

General Information

Started as a standard white executive.
One previous elderly owner.
Bought with only 115,000 k's on the clock.

- Lowered (Shocks and Springs)
- Extractors > Straight pipe > Sports muffler > Hotdog
- Stage 2 shift kit
- Stage 2 Comp cam and chip
- Upgraded Crow valve springs and retainers
- Double row timing kit
- Ported heads with re-seated valves
- MACE Engineering cold air intake
- Resprayed voodoo blue (Acrylic)
- Smoked tail lights
- Altezza side indicators
- Berlina interior
- Level 3 cluster
- Power windows
- Cruise control
- 18' Enix wheels (Painted black)
- SS front bar

Still needs a bit of work, but how often do you see a voodoo blue VS?
All work done by me, most in my driveway XD
Pretty sure this car was a bargain lol


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