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1998 Calais Vt

General Information

Purchased as pictured.

Work so far...
NEW rear discs and pads, oil sender, idler pulley, fanbelt. full nolathane frontend bush replacement, passenger side engine mount, Pioneer single din w/usb head unit, 200w front door speakers, 250 back door speakers, 350w rear deck speakers, twin 1000w subs, 600w Response amp (front and back door speakers), 800w JBL amp (rear deck speakers), 1000w Boss amp (twin subs) all properly cabled nice and neat, led parkers with my own custom wiring cos Monaro lights don't have parker wiring in them. Bypassed the clockspring to get the horn working.

To be done...
Drivers side engine mount, front discs and pads, 2 tyres for the other 2 mags waiting to be put on, both front hubs, trans mount, window tint, fix the damn drivers seat cos my ass is on the floor!, radiator, clockspring, probably the abs unit cos its playing the on again off again light trick, and a whole bunch of interior plastic bits that have broken due to heat. Also thinking of replacing the beige suede and velour interior with all black leats and door panels etc. Need to find a woodgrain cluster panel. Clean up the front bumper to completely remove the holes and ridge where the Pontiac badge was. Looking at billet grille inserts. Get new exterior door bump mouldings cos the silver strips are missing in some places. Rear wing. Probably get a Monaro bonnet too. Thinking of debadging the whole thing.Other stuff i can't think of atm...

It's a lot to do but i do a bit each pay. I'll get there in the end... and then i'll drop dead....


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