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1999 Holden Statesman

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my vs statesman series 3 50th anniversary edition1998
ive owned for 2 years now,stacked my series 2 on the freeway
,anyway i got this one go it with pretty low K's , blew the original motor got a transplant and got a rebuild,just inspection and crack test and new gaskets ,
ive got the interchangeable pulleys im running 9 pound my ten pound belt is very worn so i have to run 9 ,,it still drives like a dream, i wanna go more than 10psi something like 14 with A2A cooler and tune not quite sure on the box to much power for it and the l67 manual tune ,,because i just got my computer for l67 edited to manual
, ,there was a bit of dull paint and some cosmetic wear in the body work,must of been a female driver, so i ended up going a full respray but i kept the original color was very unique the amazon mica blue with the 50th year i kept on adding grange stuff and it was pretty much halfway there so i just mocked it up except for the seats ,(got VT senator collusion seats more comfy ) ,the cluster ,,need the 250 hsv one , and flock coated grab handles Ive got the caprice speaker pod they look better i reckon,and the motor needa 185i of 350 215i but im on my p,s and im fine with my l67,,trying to be stealth,,i am currently converting my l67 to t5 Ive gone all bran new cluth and all components spiggot bearing rubber all bolts , with flywheel mirror balanced to match bottom end and reconditioned box, im just doing this in my garage hope it goes all gud..any suggestions please if im doing any thing wrong of if anything looks sh*t,cheers
these are all the pics of it the might be jumbled up


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