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1999 Holden Vt - vx

  • Name: Brutus.
    Model: Holden VT S2 Berlina Wagon.
    Colour: B168 Bermuda Blue.
    Bodykit: HBD.
    Engine Type: LS3 Performance normally aspirated.
    Engine Mods: Build and tune by HPF.
    Power: 366kW (498hp) 650Nm.
    Exhaust: HM 1.63" Tri-Y extractors, 3.5" high flow cats, dual 2.5" catback with automatic bi-modal muffler, all stainless.
    Gearbox: Toughened rebuilt 4L65E box with low stall and high lockup converter.
    Diff: LSD diff rebuilt and toughened.
    Brakes: Harrop performance 343mm 12 slot discs and 4 piston calpiers with QFM HPX pads.
    Suspension: Upgraded struts and all upgraded new stabilizers, links, casters and bushes.
    Wheels/Tyres: 18" ROH Vapours with Bridgestone 235/40 RE002 Potenzas.
    Interior: Refurbished with leather wheel, stick etc.
    Stereo: 2DIN Sony XAV601BT with 1200Wrms Hertz amps and 8 Hertz speakers including 2x8" subs in tailgate.
    Other mods: Full respray. All body rubbers and catches replaced.

    Rebuilt. New (almost) everything - including respray.
    Goes like a cut cat. Stops like the Road Runner. Nice family car.

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