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2 work in progress vehicles (VS-VX)

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    3.8 VS Commodore Berlina
    -rear brakes
    -left tail light
    -reverse lights

    Main needs:
    -new interior
    -rear 3 point spoiler (old one was stolen)
    -rear bumper fix
    -front bumper fix
    -removal of fake hsv decal
    -transmission change
    -rewiring for majority of vehicle
    -new harmonic balancer (might put on supercharger from other VS model)
    -ecu adjustments (aftermarket)
    -paintjob (might go with a dark metallic red (keeping red for less paperwork with insurance and registration))
    -new exhaust

    any suggestions please let me know. I'd love any input/advice on how to go about sprucing this one up as a performance vehicle.

    3.8 VX Commodore Acclaim
    -brake lines
    -received new brake callipers
    -replaced rear bumper

    Main needs:
    -paint job
    -brake disc rotors
    -interior cleanup
    -new wheels
    -windshield washer pump
    -boot hatch repairs

    any suggestions please let me know. This vehicle isn't my main priority as its not with me at this moment but any input/advice on sprucing this one up as a run-around vehicle would be much appreciated.
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  1. gr33nbastad
    Priority number 1: -removal of fake hsv decal :)
  2. VS_Pete
    Hope to see more mate.:)