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2000 Holden Commodore VTII Executive (Olympic Fleet Vehicle)

General Information

This Vehicle: This VTII Commodore is a base Executive model, fitted with the Sydney Olympic option pack (1SO) including air-conditioning, power windows, VT Series 1 Berlina alloy wheels, and cruise control. It has an Ecotec 3.8 litre V6 developing 147kw, and a 4-speed automatic transmission. The car is finished in Bermuda Mica (B168), with Pewter interior trim. It originally came with a radio/cassette stereo, and was originally delivered with extensive signwriting.

Vehicle History: This car was assembled in the Elizabeth plant on 3rd August 2000, and was delivered to SOCOG on 17 August 2000 through Suttons Holden Chullora, cnr Waterloo Road and Hume Highway. The vehicle was operated by SOCOG from 17 August to 8 November 2000 as an Olympics courtesy vehicle for VIPs and/or athletes.

This car was then sold as an ex-Olympic fleet vehicle to an Orange-based private buyer through Ross Granata Holden of Mudgee on 18 November 2000, one of five they had allocated. These 5 vehicles were each fitted with a personal plate, ‘AUS14A -> AUS14E’ in running order, and retailed for $28,490 inc GST, as advertised on 10 November 2000 in the Mudgee Advertiser. The original owner was after a blue vehicle, and this was the closest to him that was available. Initially, this owner kept the ‘Holden’ signwriting on the car but removed it due to fear of paint damage. The original owner also kept the ‘Holden’ banner on the windscreen, but this was presumably lost due to windscreen breakage.

During this first period of ownership, many aftermarket accessories were fitted, and these receipts are still with the vehicle. Window tinting was installed in January 2001, followed by a towbar in July 2002. In late 2002 an aftermarket CD player was fitted. This car was initially maintained by Ultra Tune Orange until early 2003, when Canobolas Holden took over until 2009. Warranty claims on this vehicle included a bad HT lead (the day after 9/11 occurred!), and worn swaybar bushes in February 2003. Bob Jane T-Marts of Orange fitted its first set of new tyres, in September 2005 at 70,875km. During this period, the vehicle hit a kangaroo, resulting in repairs to the front left mudguard and door. The original owner kept receipts for most work done.

The vehicle was the sold onto a mature aged couple from Canowindra, NSW late 2008/early 2009. In this time, the vehicle was fairly well-maintained mechanically, but experienced some cosmetic damage through rubbing against vegetation and a hailstorm. In this time, the vehicle was maintained by Kens Service Centre and BR & KS Burn in Canowindra.

I spotted the car for sale in the yard of McSigns in Orange, next to my local gym early one morning in April 2017. The co-owner of the business was selling it for her mother. After some deliberation, I purchased the vehicle for $2000. I gave the vehicle a full service and tune-up, and had the suspension and brakes rebuilt by Orange Brake, Clutch and Suspension. Specialty Paint Repairs of Orange went to work on the hail damage, removing almost all of it using Paintless Dent Repair, and resprayed the front bumper that was badly scuffed and stone chipped. I finished this project by repairing various minor mechanical, electrical and body items, and gave the vehicle a good polish, to remove as much of the vegetation scuffs I could.



got the V6 supercharged statesman model. badged olympic model .everything stock except wheels ... tidy car.. but at 17years old starting to need the little things done
Thank you for the positive feedback.

Since then I found out a bit more

- sold to older couple for ‘$5000’ on 19 Jan 2009
- original value was $31500, first owner paid about $28000 (source - NSW RMS FOI request)

I have developed an ultra snazzy display board for it as well

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