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2000 Holden Commodore

  • 2000 Heron White VT Commodore Executive Sedan V6 ECOTEC Series II Automatic

    Current mods:
    2.5" Redback catback exhaust (no rear resonator)
    - you know that gurgling sound manual cars make when they gear down and how everyone says only manuals make that satisfying gurgle?
    well my car is auto and makes the same sound when gearing down, I love it!

    25mm MACE manifold spacer
    - really noticed a difference at 2800-4500rpm, made the idle drop from 850 to 700rpm, has the power to beat some V8s and other VT V6's with only 2.5" catback exhaust.

    60cm purple knight rider LED strip on rear roof trim pointing towards front head rests.

    clear VT tail lights

    painted dash surrounds

    Kenwood KDC-U456
    200w (4x50w)
    3 RCA outlets

    4 180w Pioneer speakers
    800w JVC amp
    420w SONY Xplod 6x9's
    800w 10" Pioneer subwoofer

    Future mods:
    cam and chip package vt auto stage 2
    12mm plenum spacer

    supercharged v6 2.5" exhaust setup

    under chassis aero mods for fuel economy

    FE2 front springs and struts
    LOW (-30mm) rear springs and struts
    VY rear cradle to combat camber issue

    paint boot garnish

    vt s front bumper

    That's about it for now.

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