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2000 Holden Commodore

General Information

My first car. A lot of work to do on him but I'm up for it :) thinking of some nice black and silver and possibly red rims. 18" most likely. I'm not lowering as I do tow a horse float with this car and when the float and tub is loaded up he sits too low anyway. Going for the Alpine sound system - head unit, speakers, tweeters, amps. And subwoofer is going under the tub in the long range fuel tank area for maximum bass :) He does have minor damage on the bonnet, and the bumper cover, driver side front quarter panel and the tailgate. Replacements have been bought and will soon be put on once painted and such. Going with a 2 & 1/2 inch catback exhaust system. That's all I can think of just now so, laters.


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