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2002 Holden Acclaim

General Information

Mostly standard, a great camper trailer hauler and dog limousine.
Lowered 1 down from standard by Pedders and fitted with a inflatable pump up towing package. It has the 16'' rims with the higher profile tyres which are a must for the Queensland country roads. In the 185,000 ks we've added it's not once let us down and we regularly do 2,000k trips away.She's extremely well maintained and we love it heaps.
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Latest reviews

Hard to believe this ones done 300,000 ks. Tows a camper and has lots of getup and go. A real credit to its owner, well kept Owen.


I have one myself with 200000 k/m on it and it been a good car
but paint work and body work is getting a bit rust around the screen.
but not cars fault, but not been under cover for 6 years.
as my new place didn't have carport.
I this the vx and vy were some best commodores.
I have VL , it was smooth in motor area, but very badly put together.
I brand new, the boot leaked from new, and body line up of panels were bad.
the rear back drum brake us lock up, at and speed over 60k/m to changed the brake pad and rear shoes to softer compound.
the rear brake away in wet was bad, to up grade the springs and shocks and cut size of rear sway bar back from 19mm to 14mm as I saw most cop cars I was work had rear sway bar removed. I VN problem after problem, VP is was so gutless but a better put together. I most say I had run for my money out my VX

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