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2002 Holden Commodore

General Information

My Sting Red VX SII Exc.
Not too many mods done at the moment, but a fair few waiting.
2.5' Catback exhaust.
18' VE SII SV6 Rims.
Kenwood Double Din Touch Screen DVD Player 7'
2x 12' Sony Explod Subs.
1000W 4 Way Amp.
Boss Speakers all round.
White Headlights, and White LEDS for interior and exterior lights.

Been trying to clean it up the best I can, replacing most of the Gaskets and Parts on the Engine, including Pumps, Alternator, Pulleys etc.
Anti-Rust Body Protection.

Future Mods -
VX SS Bodykit or Berlina - Inc Spoiler.
Black Angle Eye Headlights.
Black and Red Tailights.
Power Windows
VX SS Trim and Seats.
Calais/Berlina Boot Garnish.
Cruise Control.
Window Tint.
Touch up on the Paint.
Black Roof/Side Trim. (Just going to spray paint)
Red Dials and Speedo kit.
And finally painting the Engine Cover and Rocker Covers.
And in saying all of that, I may just end up selling it and buying a VX S Pack :p haha.

Will upload Pictures of the Interior later, as they're on my Phone not my Computer ><.


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