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2003 Holden Berlina

  • 2003 Vy Berl

    Work in progress.

    so far only change stock wheels, to 20" Advanti's
    Sound system - ( blew my third sub, 1000watt rms pioneer pro series) 800watt rms at 2ohm 1000watt rms at 1ohm pioneer amp d-class
    pioneer 4 channel @ 75watt rms (per channel) amp
    100watt rms pionner 6x9s in parcell shelf
    65watt rms front splits
    sony xpload head unit

    changing all lights to led ( numberplate, footwells, ignition surround, led parker, led reverse light, map light, passenger lights)

    Change headlights: Not sure if I want HID high beams or just xenon. ill sort that out later !

    35watt HIDs low beams.

    *Things to do*
    - Lower with sl fronts and ssl rears including shocks
    - New dual voice coil subs x2
    - Darkest legal tint
    - vynle wrap ugly woodgrain and maybe all trims.
    - Change accessories from gloss black to satan silver (doorhandles, hand break, air vents, locks, gearshift)
    - Change exterior handle flaps to chrome (not whole handle crome)

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