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2003 Holden Commodore

General Information

This is my 2003 VY SV8. It has the following stats:

MrPykelet / Gavin / 2003 VY SV8
HP 326rwhp, kW 240rwkw
Engine Type and Capacity: 5.7L LS1
Power Adders: Pacemaker Tri-Y's, 200 cell high flow cats, 2.5" Genie catback, OTR intake and MAFless tune
Trans Type : 6 speed manual
Diff Ratio: standard
Wheel/Tyre size: 20" Advanti Siren Blacks, 245/30r20
Fuel Type: 98 Octane
Name Of Workshop: Street Quick Performance in Perth (SQP)
Date Dynoed: 13/08/14


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