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2003 VY S2 SEDAN

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View attachment 200651 Hi been doing up my S sedan for the last few weeks after my SS got wtitten off. Thanks to a P plater that didn't give way at round about.
We were both insured, she was at fault.
Car got written off,
So been fixing the old girl up,
She's got 360k on the odo,
Have been replacing most steering and suspension components on it the last few weeks.
Had it for about 4 years.
Just gotta paint the front bumper and sort some bushes she's a good old girl.
Love this forum and all the how to's.
Miss my SS.
Got a new bumper, grille and SS headlights for the exterior.
Had rubber mudflats on it so I got plastic moulded ones yaah.
Cheers guys great forum some truelly owsome cars on here.
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You'd think (looking at the pic of the damage to the SS) you would have been able to save it, did the chasis\shell get bent?
Yeah the geometry of the body got shunted out of wak.
This the second time got hit on left side.
Got too priecy to fix it.
All good, never drove good after first incident.
I think insurance award fix up was more than what is worth.
Once damaged never drive handle the same.
All good got my VY S back up sedan.

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Alan Itus
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