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2004 Calais Vy 3.8

General Information

This car started off basically a stock petrol car.
Mods in chronological order:
Purchased it in August 2010. I bought it in Canberra. I then travelled across to Perth where it now lives.
Sept 2010: PRINS LPG Electronic Vapour Injection.
This was a recovery of a previous VY Calais (Series 1) that was written off when some A#$@! ran his car into the back of it.
Sept 2011: Cheapass CAI built with parts from Bunnings (4" Aluminium Exhaust Fan pipe)

12th March 2012: Started to get serious with:
3.3" Boost upgrade pulley
Yella Terra 1.95 rockers
Pacemaker headers 1.75" into 2.5"
2.5" Magnaflow SS core cats and pipe
Manta twin 2.25" into single 3" Cat back
from BYE Performance (Thanks Justin).

16th March 2012: Replaced Hyd Lifters. Stuff keeps happening.
30th March 2012: Motor blew up.
Needed a rebuilt short motor with new crank, 2 con rods, and 1 new piston.
Replaced: GM L67 Crankshaft.
ACL Bearings, Piston, Ring Kit.
Rollmaster Double Chain.
Comp Cam Stage 1 206/[email protected] 512/507 lift
Stage 2 Heads, recon, oversize SS valves, CNC porting and
105lb comp cam valve Springs
Replace YT 1.95 with 1.60 Rockers.
from BYE Performance (Thanks Justin).

August - September 2013: Round Australia trip.
Total kms: 21000 approx.
Avg Fuel: 9.8l/100km.

Nov 2014. Replaced heads as burnt around valves (SS). Installed heavy duty guides and seats to allow for LPG.


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