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2006 Holden Thunder

General Information

Bought it stock from a Ford dealership in 2010, had done 102,000 kms.
Pretty much lowered straight away, with a set of 20 inch XHP rims. Kept it that way for about a year and a half, the ride quality was terrible.
Late last year I went to Holden and got the Clubsport front bar, SS quarter panels, and the SS cabin brake light fitted. Pedders fitted their sports rider adjustable coilovers, ended up making the ride quality a lot better, and the adjustable ride height came in handy.
Sourced a set of VZ Clubsport 19 inch rims, took them to Depulu on the Gold Coast and had them reconditioned and powdercoated black, then off to Bridgestone for a full set of Potenza S001, not cheap but awesome grip.
Back to Pedders for a ride height adjustment and new rotors from DBA all round.

so far that's it, apart from a growler air intake, am looking at the diff (looking for a 3.9) and getting a stage 2 shift kit put into the auto. then hopefully a raptor supercharger and exhaust.


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